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MG TD TF 1500 - eBay 'Survivor' Car?

I am an un-abashed fan of survivor and orphan MGs. The eBay seller of the car below suggests that this is a 16,000-mile TD - I have trouble believing it. With only 16,000 summer driving miles, why would one need to replace the carpets, the seats, door panels, kick panels, etc.? I don't even want to think why the engine pieces would be painted blue...

Opinions welcome.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

I bet the new interior and blue paint was to tart it up before it was sold to the unsuspecting current owners. They have owned it for "decades" but I would not be surprised to find they only drove it a couple years before it got put away in 1976. That would leave 20 years of unknown on the car, and something did happen to the interior, as can a lot of things, in 20 years. If they could show they got when it was 5 years old and had a good story to account for that interior and blue paint...

A sort of typical story with decades accounted for, but decades also missing. These usually get sold with claims of "very original" but that wouldn't work here. The 16K bit is attractive, but when else do we ever believe mileage claims?

Just speculation, you never know until you see something in person. Might be a hidden gem. More pics taken outside in the light would be helpful, though, and more details on dates, etc.
D mckellar

I seems very common for ebay cars with supposedly extremely low milage to have been totally re-upholstered and repainted.......
JK Barter

Hard to tell with the great photography. Trick twin coils? Looks like the original correct width running board rubber/metal strips, early dynamo pulley, etc. Seems very complete so would be good to restore. Would need many more good quality pictures to really judge. George
George Butz

Not sure about "tart it up". But the picture does show it has been "tartened up" :-)
Christopher Couper

Congrats on catching that Christopher. You win a tassle for your kilt for being observant.
D mckellar

Hah. Believe it or not but this is my families tartan.

Christopher Couper

Dead man don't drive plaid.

Kevin McLemore

Never understood trying to sell a car with poor, unfocused images taken in a dark garage. Anyone can take excellent images with today's cameras and time spent to get it rolling and out of the garage is well worth the effort. Especially since it will be "quite easy to "wake up", recondition and put it back on the road".

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