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MG TD TF 1500 - Ebay TF 130590125626

Is the red piping used on this correct or should it be black on the dark red?
JE Carroll

It should match the paint color. Looks like a nice car, except the JC Whitney steering wheel cover.
George Butz

I agree with you George. For a car that's not a daily driver, you would think the steering wheel would look original. The wrap could be covering a cracked outer rim. With the beautiful work done on the car, kinda strange he covered that wheel. PJ
P. Jennings

....Wow...that is a beautiful car.... that deserves to go high.... Putting a leather (?) steering wheel cover on was pretty common, even on good wheels.....could be tan, but if that is the only thing, certainly easy to come off......

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

You guys usually do a much better job of knocking a car than this! What about the sill plates and the "new" brake drums?
David Werblow

Or the body colored dashboard...
D. Sander we have two threads on this TF.
David, the red TF did come with a red dash, as well as a biscuit like color. Red dash would have red leather interior, so here this car varies from original.
I still maintain that it is a very very nice car, well represented by the seller. If it goes for a good price that bodes well for all TF owners.

'54 TF
Tom Norby

My TF was originally red with red interior and red dash. I am going to retrim it with biscuit coloured leather because even though not original I prefer the colour. What colour should the dash then be?
Max Irvine

Hi Max,

The dash colour would then go to Biscuit colour.Originally the Dash was slightly a lighter colour compared to the upholstery.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

Red interior, red dash yes. That dash is body color. Not saying it does not look nice, it does, and it is a nice car. If it were my car, I would paint the dash the "correct" color, but it is not my car.
D. Sander

Max, here is a pic of an unrestored Sydney TF showing the biscuit dash and upholstery.


Matthew Magilton

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