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MG TD TF 1500 - eBay TF Buy-It-Now

If he gets his asking price, I'm selling.

Andy White (TF0537)

Well, he is either boasting or misplaced a 0. If this is 25,000. That would not be a bad car. Of course I always have questions on a car with "25,000" miles and a full restoration.
Bruce Cunha

I wonder why people think boring out the engine .060 over will give power comparable to a 1500. It won't. Unless you do all the other things associated with the 1500 in terms of valves, compression, and yes, bore size.
Dave Braun

Mines nicer and if you say please you can buy it now for a paltry $ 250,000.00

Wonder if he would swap straight for my Leer Jet if I threw in a few oil wells?

J A Mathis

What kind of fuel pump is that?
J A Mathis

I THINK that the price is negotiable and merely to get someone to call him. It sure attracts interest besides a beautiful car. Anyone agree?

John Redman

Seems to have original upholstery, dash paint and wiring loom. Good balance of restoration and conservation imho.

Matthew Magilton

Looks like it sold.
Richard Taylor

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