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MG TD TF 1500 - El-Cheepo solid state ignition systems - any good?

E-bay is rife with super cheap electronic ignition systems. A nearby friend has Accuspark on 2 of his MGBs and say so far, they're holding up.

Here's a typical one that would fit our T-Series distributors - but there are others. The Accuspark sells for a few bucks more, but all are in the $50 range, or less.

Has anyone got any experience with any of them? If they're reliable, could be a menace to pertronix.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu.
Gord Clark

I've fitted quite a few 'Powerspark' units which look scaringly similar to what you've put up--Like your friend, no troubles at all
Some units need the wiring pulling through the gromet into the dizzy a bit to give a nice loose loop for vac advance movement
Originally the small size of the wiring worried me so I secure the new wiring from the dist. along the original wire for a bit of support--no problems at all and the engines seem to start and idle better.
The only one I had an issue with was on an E Type Jaguar where I felt the magnet set was just a bit too loose a fit over the dist.lobes, it was ok but was a bit concerned that the timing might wander a bit if it got any looser with use--so I stuck it on with Sikaflex and it's been perfect
They don't cost much more than a set of points and a condensor really--------

William Revit

Makes you wonder why people buy the much more expensive alternatives, which seem no more reliable judging from comments on here. I'll stick with points for now.
Dave H
Dave Hill

If you are really concerned with reliability, and they are inexpensive, buy two, carry one as a spare.
John Quilter (TD8986)

But two, have one for a spare! I did that on my Bronco when the module went bad and I bought an extra for a spare. 10 years later I sold the Bronco and the spare went with it! So, if you buy an extra you'll never have to replace one again!LOL. Murphy's law.
PJ Jennings

A wee word of caution. To set the timing with conventional points you can use a simple bulb or even by watching the points open visually. With chepo electronic ignition systems you have to spin the engine to make a spark. The only way to set the timing is to use a strobe. More expensive electronic kits have a LED which flashes as you rotate the distributor making static timing simple.

Jan T
J Targosz

To set them static I pull the coil leed out of the cap and hook it up to an earthed sparkplug and you can see/hear the spark firing

William Revit

There are simple electronic ignitions for sale in the U.K., Gammatronix sells one version.

The points remain and only provide the trigger so no current flows through the points, hence longer life.

The upside is that you can switch back to the points easily except you have to reconnect the condenser which is disconnected during installation.

We used to build these in the 70s but we left the condenser in circuit.

P G Gilvarry

A similar device is available from Boyer Bransden and has been widely used on motorcycles as well as cars. Gets round the dud capacitor issue whilst keeping points.
Dave H
Dave Hill

I was looking for that one, spoke with them, about $50 delivered in the USA, and the condenser stays connected so it can be bypassed easily.

P G Gilvarry

Here's a "no-name" brand for $24 US ...,searchweb201602_10,searchweb201603_53

Just finishing installing a 1275 in my daughter's BugEye and this might be a good time to try the above ignition.

.... can't lose too much.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

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