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MG TD TF 1500 - emblems on a 1953 MG TD Mark II

Sorry everyone this is a repost since I can't figure what's up with Gmail so I've entered my Comcast email so you can send photos.

I'm very interested in the comment about a emblem on the back bumper, this is the 1st I've heard of that. Photos much appreciated.

I've checked through my library and can't find a definitive photo of where to place the emblems on a 1953 MG TD Mark II. I believe on the side of the bonnet close to the headlamps. Does anyone have a clear photo of this as I don't want to place the emblems inaccurately?
Jim Tatol

Was it a reflector in the hole in the middle of the bumper or an emblem?
gblawson - TD#27667


Have sent you an e-mail with four photos of the badge positioning on a 1953 MkII TD.
This car was for sale a few months ago on e-bay and in near original condition.
It also shows the positioning of the rare rear reflectors.
Hope this may be of help.

Nick, 52TD/63midget/74MGB.
D.G.J. Herwegh

The old bumper that I could not restore on my 53 MKII had holes in the middle of the rear bumper for a MARK II Medallion (Moss Part number 408-200 -$49.95--Ouch). I took a picture and have is stored somewhere. I have also been trying to find exactly where the two reflectors go on the later MKII models and also when they added the reflectors . I found the information earlier in my restoration process, but have lost it. The bonnet of the car also has a Medallion on each side and an extra "bulge" for the twin air cleaners. There are also several other items that were singular to the MKII.
W Hartwig

I have a couple of pictures of an unrestored Mark II. Its in bad shape but shows the position of the Mark II badge and the two reflectors on the rear bumper. An email will get you a copy.
Jim Merz

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