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MG TD TF 1500 - Erratic Voltmeter Reading

Re: 1954 mgtf 1250
While checking the voltage across my battery with engine running, to check operation and output voltage from my charging system, I am getting strange readings.
Normally, I read the voltage and it will give a stable reading - but now, the digital meter readings fluctuate (flash) rapidly and it looks like a couple of the readings are in the 14 V range and I also see a 18-19V readings. I tried a new meter with same results. Q. Do you think my generator is the problem or the voltage regulator?
Please help.
EWH Haynes

If you have a regular mechanical voltage regulator the voltage will constantly fluctuate probably enough to drive a digital meter crazy. Try measuring with an analog meter.

J. K. Chapin

Also, the EMF radiation from the ignition will interfere with a digital meter. Use an analog (moving coil) meter.
Lew Palmer

I can't use a digital meter on the TF, only analog. PJ
PJ Jennings

Thanks for your input. The analog meter is working. Occasionally, I get good readings from digital (must have been lucky).
I realize now, with your comments, that those readings I was used to getting on the digital were done on my other British cars that do not have the mechanical regulator.
Thanks so much!
EWH Haynes

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