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MG TD TF 1500 - Ever see one of these?

Hope that some of you old MG T experts may have run across this LED light kit which was produced around 1990 or actually have one on your car. It is complete with the switch. It does not require turn signals wiring already installed. It runs off the accessory outlet on the dash and has its own fusing and blinker lights. It can be removed without changes to the car.

Looking for some input on this combined LED third stop light and turn signals that mounts via industrial magnets to the top of the fuel tank. In a dry fit I do need to remove my luggage rack so I can get better contact with the top of the fuel tank because one of the bars in the rack blocks complete complete access to the tank.

Has anybody installed one or seen one installed? If so how effective was it?



JWP Policastro


I went with the led bulbs from Abingdon Spares and a Third Stop light from eBay.
LED's are not cheap and there are now bigger light boards with more LED's on them that fit into the original housing and really show brightly.
The ones I used were certainly brighter than the incandesent originals. The third Stop Light was from Ebay and coat $14.00 I also got a little box the flashes the light 5 times when the brakes go on and then it stays on solid while the pedle is pressed. Just to grab attention. That cast $7.00 and free shipping from Honkong. Could not beleive how cheap it was. I also purchased a water proof connector which screws together. So I can remove the spear wheel if necessary.
Only two black cable ties hold the light to the spair wheel spokes and it is hardly visable.
Inexpensive and does not look too bad and makes me more visible. That's all I set out to do.


Rod Jones

Rod that looks great. Seems to be what motorcycles use.

I did noticed your license plate in the picture and the year of your car and wondered if you already had a wiring harness and setup to support turn signals on the car before your put the new stuff on the car. Also does you front lights also show a turn?

My 1952 TD has neither so I was looking for a fix I could just plug in and remove easily and stumbled onto this.

By the way last night I made contact with one of the developers who devised this back in 1990. He has since sold the rights and I am working to find him thru the NEMGT register. I want to know if he has an improved version. I applaud the orgInal guys for working to keep the MGT modern with this retrofitted system. All the parts came from Radio Shack back in the day. I thought the power source was really interesting. I need to use my emergency lamp to check ot the circuit on my car. Prior to this it was just a conversation piece at car shows.


JWP Policastro

Does anyone on the list know a Gil Langswager who lives in Pittsford, NY?


JWP Policastro

I used to know Gil before he moved to the east.
Lew Palmer

Yes Joe,
I do have all the wiring in the harness for indicators and the front bulbs are the two filament or were - now they are white and yellow LED's.
Had some issues finding the correct Flasher unit but got one from
I fit this unit into the Lucas flasher after removing the guts - so it look much like it did.
It is for Positive earth as are the LED's.
To change the front bulb holders in the side lights is not that hard as it is the same as the single one you have now, mounting wise, Two bolts hold it to the wing and you just have to replace you current holders and get double filliment LED's. Cause you have to also run the wireing and fit the relay box. Mine is on the inside of the passenger tunnel, up out the way, Moss has all the stuff you will need.

Third Rear light bits were


None of it broke the bank :)
Rod Jones

I met Gil Langswager at Watkins Glen a few years ago and have this contact info:
phone: 535-385-9956
He's located (then)around Rochester,NY.
Good luck.

T W Moore

Thanks TW and Rod. Rod my major problem is I do not have the wiring in the harness so would have to create a add on harness to duplicate your harness. Was trying to not have to do that.

Rod can you post some picture of how yours is connected to the luggage rack.

Thanks again to both of you.

JWP Policastro

Sorry Rod I see you did it to the spare.

JWP Policastro

T W both the email and phone number failed. Thanks for trying.

JWP Policastro

:) Joe,
I tie wrapped it to the spare as I have never had to use it. Seemed the easiest place to put it without making it permanent.

Rod Jones

The other solution is to fit a luggage rack and attach it to that. In my case its a fold down rack and the additional stoplight is able to hinge when its folded down.
Dave H
Dave Hill

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