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MG TD TF 1500 - ex Carroll Shelby Race TD

HHuuummm the Ex Carroll Shelby Race TD is back on E-Bay,,, the lister has also listed this Forum as:

"Everything you could possibly wish to know about MG-TD's and a robust online community of passionate owners can be found here:"

Steve Wincze


Got an eBay number for it? I did a search and can't find it.

Dave Jorgensen

Funny, "Mark II" information is freely dispensed in the ad, but there is no indiction that this really is one... The VIN is the engine number, and I have not had a chance to cross-reference it yet. My suspicion is that the buyer the last time around is now the seller.

t lange

eBay 230494273238

t lange

I should have noted that it has Mark II badges, 1-1/2" carbs and the remains of dual pumps. I've asked about the VIN #.

t lange

Certainly a ton of 'spin' in the ad.... wonder when the black interior happened...?

I like the 'perfect glass'.... and the 'not this car' on all the films....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Hope he gets his price. Anything Shelby is really going up in value. I read an article that because the shelby cobra's have gone so high in price, the car to now find is the Sunbeam tiger. These are starting to bring prices of 30+,000

So, the TD should be a catch for someone.
Bruce Cunha

Hey, this guy snatched three of my vids off youtube for his auction. The first is from the Watkins Glen and is the annual "re-creation" of the original races run through the public roads during the vintage races in early September. The entire course still exists. The other two are from races at New Hampshire Speedway over two different years.

Does this mean I get a cut from the sale??? :)

51 TD race #928

F Filangeri

The car in question.

P.S. Jennings

Nice car. (yours too Frank!) Shouldn't the car have 2 fuel pumps in order to be a Mark II?

Hi Frank,

I watched your video's with great enjoyment especially the one at the Glenn, but was disappointed when it quite just after the stone bridge and heading up the side of the canyon. It would have been nice to see how you handled the railway crossing [jump] and the big hill down into town. I drove the old coarse about 5 years ago and it brought back many fun memories. Thanks for the update. 928 appears to have some grunt as shown at New Hampshire. What happened at the spin?

George Raham
George Raham [TD4224]

No reply as to the ID number. The car was a no-sale at $16,100, with a buy-it-now of $39,500. In one e-mail he noted that he didn't know what a dumb iron was, since Porsche's don't have them...
t lange

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