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MG TD TF 1500 - Explosion in a spaghetti factory?....

No, just the fun of wiring the dash....
Using the dash harness from Abingdon Spares, combined with the new main harness from Moss....Neither one was one-inch longer then necessary, (at the dash), which made hanging the center dash necessary....The lighting harness was plenty long enough.
I would have paid an extra buck or two, for enough dash wire to make it a comfortable job.
I ended up adding wire to some of the really short ones.


E.B. Wesson

Hi Edward,
I think I got my harness from British Wiring, <>
Looks like they left a little more leeway, but it's still tight. Talked with them on the phone once or twice, nice folks.

A W Parker

It is a problem that all of us have had. They could make them a little longer to give us some ease of working on them.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

Trust me ...I have seen worse!

David Sheward

Edward, what holds your instrument panel in? Wing nuts? I wanted to do that but the new Moss screws I had just weren't long enough.
efh Haskell

I put in a new harness from british wiring. All lengths were... comfortable. I also found it easier to drop the whole dash, than the center cluster, as the dash bolts are very hard to get at to tighten back up.
C.R. Tyrell

Hi Edward, looks good. I had a similar experience so that is when I added a fuse block with extra wire to get the job done.

Bill Brown

I am using some #12 wood screws, on the instrument panel, but I am planning on changing over to #12 stainless sheet-metal screws, which can be easily polished...
Originally, I was using long #10 machine screws, but the wood/sheet-metal screws work better , and are easier to use.
Most of the Abingdon gauge harness was pretty good, but the supplied ground wire, for the tach and speedo, were two inches too short....
The four wires that go into "T" on the ignition switch, will not work, without risking the integrity of the connection....I reduced that to two wires, into two double-bullet connectors.
I never did figure out how to remove the four bullet wires from the horn switch, but fortunately, they were in good shape...I suppose I could have taken the whole switch apart, but chose not to take a chance, since it was working well before.
E.B. Wesson

Has anyone used these guys and an opinion of their product?


Frank Cronin

Seems expensive, if the main harness does not include the wiring for the headlights and tail lights....
I had no problem with the Moss harness , other than the slightly short dash connection portion...Color, and size were all accurate....
I think if someone were to contact Moss, and suggest a slightly longer dash connection portion, they would probably correct it.
E.B. Wesson

Good day all:

With respect to Mr. Cronin's enquiry:

I used Rhode Island Wiring, back in 1996-7 when rewiring my TC.

They supplied galvanised armour guard, (conduit for wire covering), and a TC facia (dash) harness that was excellent in all quality.

Cheers then; respectfully:
Jack Emdall, TC6768/TD3191, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.


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