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MG TD TF 1500 - Fabulous Drive

Drove the TD to the HSR event at Sebring Saturday- 83 degress and sunny. With new gears, so nice on the highway! Only one TC in attendence, and a couple midgets and B's. No MG's racing at least Saturday- used to be a lot 5 years ago. How cool to see everyone check out my mediocre looking TD in a sea of high dollar race cars, Ferraris, Porches, etc. My friend followed in his 930 Turbo and was amazed that the car could cruise so well on the highway- no surprise to me!
George Butz

Sounds that you had a great time. I just replaced my clutch. Test drove it around Sunday. Wish I could go on a driving tour with you!

Doesn't it feel great with that new 4.3 behind you. It cruses fine all day, without your nerves being frazzled as with the 5.125.

Don H.
Don Harmer

Don D- glad the clutch is in and well. Don H- actually it is the 4.55, but still what a difference. I use first gear now as well! George
George Butz

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