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Speaking of sound, here is a good one with sound. Labeled with a 1948 date
and with TCs racing about at the beginning, it goes on to show TDs on the
assembly line, being transported for export and a trip by Ian Appleyard
(Olympic Skier) through Paris, snow and to the alps.
Listen to the roar of the engine. 600 plus miles in one day.
Be sure to watch the ending with the TD put to use towing a load.

Interesting that at the end of the TD assembly line, there are multiple oil drips on the floor?


Great movie. Love the scotch comment. I feel like such a wus now watching him buzz up the road, screen down, no cap and surely no heater. When men were men eh? Try that trick with the skiers at the end now and they would haul you off to jail.

"Wizards on Wheels"'ve got to love that one!
That's the way to seat the valves...right out of the factory and hitting 80MPH! LOve it.

Gordon ...Of course...they need to be able to find their way back to Abingdon.
David Sheward

Great film...
TRM Maine

Good thing it was winter. They wouldn't have filmed the water temp hitting 100c going up those mountain passes like mine does here at about 11,000' in the summer!
efh Ed

Go to home on this site and search for SAFETY FAST.. Loads of MG stuff.. from 30's to 60's
Great find...


WOOOOW! Did I see 80 MPH on the spedo? I remember spinning a rod bearing in mine at 70. Great film, really enjoyed.

Bill Brown

Wow! Thanks for posting.
George Butz

It's always nice to reflect that the MG really was cutting edge for its time... 80 mph and good handling on ice and snow...

Geoff Baker

Not only 80, but magically, many more miles then one straight off the assembly line....


I didn't even notice that...was too focused on the MPH.
Curious...were UK models fitted with "MPH" speedos...thought they would be KPM?
David Sheward

Check out the video below named EXHIBIT B801 - reel 2 1951
for some info.. watch 2nd half close.. such info..WOW..!

There's lots more:

David Wardell


The UK did not go metric until 1972. Prior to that, all instruments would have been based on English measurements including miles per hour.

I was living there at the time, the conversion was interesting! Coinage changed as well.

Too bad they didn't decide to change to driving on the right side of the road, as well.
Geoff Baker

Even though we went metric we still kept our feet,yards and inches. This causes great problems with youngsters who are taught only metric. It is quite easy to buy metre lengths of 2x4 wood!!!!.
By the way we do drive on the RIGHT side everybody else is on the wrong side.Also our motorway signs are in miles but the markerposts at the roadside are in kilometres,and you thought MG got it wrong with bolt sizes.
TF 2884
Ray Lee

This worked: Bud
Bud Krueger

Thanks for that ...I never knew the change over was done in 72. interesting
David Sheward

We also changed over, however, a lot of us old guys still think and speak 'Imperial'...and 'Miles'.... I have no idea what the temperatures are in C, other then 20 as it is 68 F and that is what I mixed my photographic chemicals at.... I still am more comfortable with 'mile a minute' then the equivalent.... Maybe if we changed to metric time I could handle it????


The British Pathe website is really amazing and educational, and using the search engine can locate a great deal of footage about the British Car industry, news stories about the shutdown of MG/Rover plant, etc. Land Rover, Jags, Paris Car Shows, its all out three. A nice way to wile away the afternoon.
Richard Olson 2

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