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MG TD TF 1500 - Fender piping

I'm getting real close to shooting the paint on the TF. I was thinking now might be a good time to bolt up the fenders to the running boards and clamp the piping to them and use a punch to place all the holes in the piping before paint. Anybody care to weigh in on this ? Better way?


I wouldn't worry about putting the holes in the piping, because that's relatively easy. But it's a good idea to bolt up the fenders to test the fit before they're painted. It's a lot harder to adjust the fit when they have paint on them, and you'll end up having to repair the paint.

There's a slight assymetry to my fenders that I didn't detect until they were bolted on the car. I wish I had taken care of it before I painted the things.
Mark B.

I just hope you're not using some tacky contrasting piping colour. Cool is matching the colour of the piping to the body colour.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

Gordon A. Clark

My black TD was redone in '67 with white piping...arrghh... took an artist's brush and painted it black when I got it back on the road.
gordon lawson

How do you figure what color the piping should be? If your car is BRG with tan or black interior? Should the piping be green or match the interior color.
Thanks RT
Roger Thompson

My thoughts were that if I pre-punched the holes in the piping that there would be one less chance of damaging the new paint while trying to hang the parts back on the car. As far as the contrasting color goes I gave that some thought. I have a couple of pictures of a black TF with a black top, red interior, and red piping. Personally I think it looks stunning. My daughter was disapointed that I didn't have the seat leathers custom sewn with contrasting piping and a big MG sewn into the seat backs. Her words were " It needs some bling dad". She's telling me I need to shoot some pearl base. I think not. Problem I'll have is that I'll be shootng it a dark BRG and have a roll of green piping from Moss thats closer to apple green. I don't have the capability or the desire to attempt to dye it the correct shade. I am thinking that the black piping would probably have been a closer match. Since there were many things on this basket case I couldn't note for reassembly (no piping) does the piping end at the bottom of the front wing or does it make a ninety degree turn and finish between the bottom of the fender and the little front panel? Anything special about finishing the rear?
I'm sure the fit won't be perfect as the car suffered a severe "bloody nose" many years ago with the P/O. Been beating, bondo and sanding since March to rid panels of all the bumble bee marks from the ball peen hammer job he did before. Was just hoping for some advice from those of you who have "been there, done that".



On my TD I cut V's where the bolt holes are. Then you can pull the piping tighter as you assemble the wings to the body. At the ends of the piping, I opened the vinyl covering, cut the piping shorter and then tucked the excess length back in and stitche the ends closed -- I think it gives a neat appearance and reduces moisture absorption.
My car is black and I used black piping.

D F Sexton

I did similar to Dennis, in that I cut small squares. This allows me to "adjust" the piping prior to tightening the bolts up snug. A round punch that was a bit bigger than the bolt would do a similar job.
Bruce Cunha

On an original TF, the piping was always painted body color. You might find it easier to paint before installation. Try to get the right size, as the "fat" stuff looks terrible.
Note: TF have two (2) sizes of piping. Go to Jeff Payne"s web site on this site for the TF, and click on the photo details of unrestored cars, click on photo 12 and you will see and find the informnation.
Colin Stafford

On a black car, I would go with black piping. On a very dark car, I would do the same, or perhaps paint the piping in advance with the same body color, figuring that the black wouldn't show through the paint if some 'flaked off' or cracked.

On the ivory finish over green interior I'm planing, I'm going with tacky green piping... because I think the very light color needs some contrast. Something a dark color doesn't seem to need. I'm using ivory because 1) it was the original color of the car, and 2) it is a heck of a lot easier to keep clean than a dark color 3) after 20 years I'm tired of red.

Good luck with your piping installation. You are that much closer to being on the road!

Dave Braun

Although i don't adhere to the "as showroom", i do think the piping should match the body colour... found the white with a black car didn't do a thing for it... much nicer black.
Any paint shop can mix up a vinyl paint to match your car colour... actually, i don't think the piping will "flex" very much and the auto paint should cover and stay on?
gordon lawson

Well.. I hate to say it, but the piping we have matches the color of the interior. (tan or biscuit) don't know the difference.

Ooops, much easier than painting it, we had the car fitted together then took it apart and painted the car in 17 pieces then put it back together with the piping. Remember this car was completely dismantled when we found it.
So it made sense doing it this way.

R & A Budd

I did prepunch the holes in the piping when I assembled the ENTIRE body for final fitup (including all rubber buffers and pads)prior to painting.You do not want to be fighting the piping with painted panels especially around the rear fender tight corner at the running boards. My piping was also the light green so I also painted my piping to match my dark green car. It is not difficult after it has been cut and prepunched for the fender holes. Send some pictures when it is painted! Have a good day!

John Progess

If you go to your paint supplier he should have a product called SEM. It is a dye that they will tint to match anything. I have done my leather seats in our jaguar over 7 years ago and they are still fine. I since have done many sets of piping that I sew up myself. But first I had to make a welting foot for the sewing machine. I have used plastic fuel line for the center filler.It is available in many diameters.
To dye it,I first wash the vinyl with laquer thinner and then spray it just as you would with enamel. Do not spray thick as it permeates the vinyl . That way it will not crack or peel.
Sandy Sanders
conrad sanders

Thanks Guys
The color of my TD is BRG metalic, now all I have to do is find some BRG metalic piping. RT
Roger Thompson

can you give me Jeff Payne's wed adress?
Ernst Ettema TF7664

Jeff Payne's web site for the TF is
Colin Stafford

Thanks to all. John where does the front piping end at? And the rear? Does the piece on the front panel stop at the top of the fender or run clear to the bottom of the panel?
Looks like I'll be over in your area in a couple of weeks. Maybe I can swing by and take a few photos.


The fender piping is one continuous piece from the rear of the tub at the rear fender all the way to the front apron under the grille. The piece on the front panel ends at the piping that is on the front fender. You are more than welcome to stop by. My phone number is 547-0259. I will be gone all next week but that is the end of my travels this summer I hope! Have a good day!

John Progess

Mine was replaced in '67... one piece going back to the bottom front of the rear fender, and another going from there, up and over to the back of the rear fender. It was a white vinyl of some sort which i have painted black with varathane.
gordon lawson - TD 27667

The TF piping came in two pieces each side ex factory (six in total including the two short pieces either side of the top part of the radiator surround which are about 7" long). There is a subtle overlap on original piping just below the door hinges, I believe this is because the rear guards were fitted to the body tub (at the bodyworks?) before the tub was fitted to the chassis at Abingdon.
The front of the piping terminates after a 90 degree turn at the ends of the front valence/splash panel.
The rear terminates at the bottom edge of the body tub near the bottom of the fuel tank.

Cheers, Matthew.
Matthew Magilton

The vertical piping on the sides of the radiator is a different size (smaller) than the fender piping. I posted a picture and explaination on the Payne TF web site a couple of years ago.
Colin Stafford

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