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MG TD TF 1500 - Filling Rear TF Dampers

I just topped off the front dampers by pulling the wheels but the rear dampers are not accessible from the wheel wells. Pulled the wood cover under the side curtain storage box and there is no access from there either. I have not jacked up the car yet to see if I can get to them from underneath so I thought I'd ask those who have done before going further. Do I need to take them off the car to top them off? I do not have access to a lift at this time.

Thanks for help on the correct or easiest procedure.

PFY Yaskowski

Take off the wheels. The top of the dampers are easy to get to from the outside, behind the wheels.

Be sure to clean the top of the damper before removing the plug.
Don Harmer

When I consider shocks I figure that if they are low on fluid they probably leak, and if so, they need to be rebuilt. (Peter Caldwell at Worldwide) Once you re-fill them you may go a while before they leak enough to make a difference, but with a lifetime guarantee, I prefer to go the rebuild route.

The only satisfactory way to test the shocks is to move the arms, feeling resistance. Often a shock will feel good in one direction, but there will be no dampening action on the other. That means that the suspension needs to be detached from the shock arms, which takes a bit of care - the fronts, in particular, have very strong springs.

And, of course, one thing is connected to another - you might as well check the suspension bushings and seals, wear on the link tubes, etc., and suspension rubbers and bushings in the rear.

I check the rear shocks from underneath.

Tom Lange
MGT REpair
t lange

Also remember to leave a little space in the top. The lever shocks require a little room for expansion as they work. (leaned that from Peter Caldwell at one of his shock presentations)
Bruce Cunha

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