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MG TD TF 1500 - Final note on axle nuts

So I've got an 11 tpi BSF 7/8 thread right axle and a 14 tpi SAE 7/8 right axle! Not many cars in the world can claim such a complex heritage!

I purchased 4 11 tpi BSF 7/8 nuts from for $5.40 + shipping
I purchased 5 14 tpi SAE 7/8 nuts from McMasters-Carr for $6.97 + shipping.
I purchased 5 heavy washers that are an excellent fit from McMasters-Car for $10.38 + shipping.
Total cost for the individual items was approx. $19.60 plus shipping, for which I got 3 extra washers and 3 extra SAE nuts and 2 extra BSF nuts.
Cost at moss: $50 plus shipping.
Everything fits perfectly.
Just a FYI for the price conscious.

I have a couple extra nuts and washers available at cost if anybody wants them.
Geoffrey M Baker

Sorry, typo... I meant 14 tpi left axle and 11 tpi right axle...
Geoffrey M Baker

I got on nut bigger than the other myself...not that you really want to know :-)
MG LaVerne

lol LV, my car has different sized nuts. Guess that says something about the owner?
Geoffrey M Baker

That's the nice part of owning a TD - the early axles had BSF threads, while the later axles have Unified (SAE) threads. It even tells how to identify the them in the shop manual for the later cars. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois


The SAE standard is a lot taller than the original nut. Maybe .2" I forget. I have not been able to find the shorter nut so Have actually had to use my surface grinder to bring them down to the original height to supply with my half shafts for those replacing a BSF shaft. This is a time consuming and boring task. I'm interested to know how yours fit. Did you use thinner washers.?

Dave (in Payson)
Dave Clark Arizona

Dave - I'll let you know when I get to that stage. Right now I've been waiting on new brake cylinders and haven't done anything but spin the nuts onto the axles. My BSF replacement is quite a bit bigger in outer dimensions than the original, but I think that's good as there was too much play . When I get to torqueing them down I'll be able to tell you more.
Geoffrey M Baker

I have found that when torqueing the nuts down, sometimes they either go past the cotter hole, or don't quite get to it,,,, I have found the use of "machine shims" very useful to get the proper torque on the nut and have the holes align.. These are available at your local (well stocked) hardware store.


Another "trick" is to swap the washers as they vary in thickness a bit or swap the nuts as the threads start in various places compared to the slots. My current production half shafts have a second cotter pin hole 90 degrees from the first to offer a better chance for easier fitting.
Geoffrey, You will need shorter nuts. I have them plus an installation guide, just shoot me an email. But I'm confused the BSF replacement in your last post. Did you mean SAE? Which do you have?

Dave Clark Arizona

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