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MG TD TF 1500 - Firing Problems

Hi, I have just completed a rebuild of a 1250cc, 1954 mgtf. I have covered 2,000 miles without incident. However, the car has now developed a firing problem. When the gets hot, or on most times when I have filled up with petrol, (but not always) the engine starts to miss fire on cy 3 & 4. I have replaced the plugs, points, condenserand and coil, but this has not cured the fault. If I am driving the car when the fault occures (very difficult on two cylinders) there will be a loud bachfire in the exhaust box and the car will immediately fire on all 4 cy. I have measured the compression on all 4 cy and they are OK. I have looked at the rear carb and that appears OK. Has any one, out there, got any sugestions for me.

Many thanks
Paul S
P Sainsbury

How about the distributor cap? Look for some tracking on the inside of it.
Jim Merz

Do you have your distributer grounded to the engine? The clamp does not adequately serve for that function under some conditions.

good luck,
Dave Braun

Paul - Check that the fuel filler cap is venting properly. If it isn't the tank will develop a vacuum as the fuel is used and cause starvation. this will be particularly bad after a fill up since there is very little head of air left in the tank. For further fuel delivery troubleshooting tips, see my article at:

Your distributor on the later XPAG engine used in the late TD/early TF uses a cotter botl to hold hte distributor in place and it provides a positive grond to the distributor, but the other ignition suggestions are worth checking out. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

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