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MG TD TF 1500 - First cruise

In my website, I state that I take the summer months off from working on fuel pumps so I can get home projects done and go on cruises. Today (actually yesterday) we went on our first cruise of the summer - a three hour cruise on the Lady Washington, one of the tall ships that was visiting. We the time sailing around a small section of Puget Sound maneuvering and fighting the ship against the Hawaiian Chieftain (a lot of noise from the cannons but no one was hurt and no ship was damaged with the blanks. It was fascinating to see how the ships were maneuvered by turning, raising or dropping the sails and watching the crew (mostly young women) responded to the commands and were able to select the right lines each time to make the ship do what the captain wanted. Here are two pictures of the Lady Washington (which appeared in The Pirates of the Caribbean as the Interceptor). Cheers - Dave

David DuBois

And here is the second picture.

David DuBois

Hi David,

What a splendid ship she is... Sometimes I think that I was born in the wrong century, as the feel and sounds of a wooden ship are a magical thing indeed... I'm originally from Scotland, and have seafaring folks in my ancestry - two who were ship's captains and are now retired... Others were from the time of the clipper ships, and are just remembered in old tin-type photographs... My father (born in 1901) would talk of sailing ships that came to the ports of the Clyde when he was a boy... There were sailors with big knives in their belts, and they always had monkeys and exotic birds to sell to the people in the towns...

You live in a great part of the country for enjoying the sea... Thanks for sharing that with us...

Cheers mate,

Rod Macleod - TF 1500 HDB46/6798 ("Molly")
Rod Macleod

Boy, that looks like and sounds like a lot of fun. Something else to add to the list!

Dave Braun

The truly amazing thing that I observed while out on the boat, was it's ability to swivel around in it's own length, by giving it full rudder and turning the forward sails nearly parallel to the hull. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

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