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MG TD TF 1500 - fitted luggage

Hi all I wondered if anyone has a picture or photo of luggage that might have been sold by MG to fit on a luggage rack for a mgtf

regards Gordon
g c pugh

I don't think MG actually sold luggage to match racks (or interiors/etc.).
Check antique / used items / flea markets and you might come up with some old '50's matched sets. They used to produce sets of 3 and the two smaller sized are perfect.
I found these in an antique store for very little money.
gblawson - TD#27667

Gordon has a great set of luggage...but I can't find any similar to them! Sooo...I am finishing up my own matching trunk that fits on the luggage rack. Should complete it this weekend. Wood/green leather to match the TD interior/brown leather on corners,etc./brass latches/leather straps.

First attempt at anything like it but really appreciate the craftsmanship of working with these fine materials and brass nails!!!
dave lackey

Hi again, I only asked because an elderly gent found out I had an MGA with a bootrack and said I have a case which I bought when I had an MGTF new back in the 50's and did I want it. When I saw it it wouldn't be any good for the A but it certainly looks as though it might have been produced for MG as the locks are octaganal in shape the case itself is black very odd shape the top i think would unclip and lift right off and it has rings where straps i assume would go

g c pugh

You wouldn't have any photos of it would you...sounds like aftermarket, but really interesting...?
gblawson - TD#27667

There is a photo on the Chris Couper's website of a matched set(after market) of luggage for the Ts that fit in the compartment behind the seat.

Dallas Congleton

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