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MG TD TF 1500 - fitting fog light

I am planning to fit a new fog lamp to my 1953 TD.
I can see from various copies of wiring diagrams the live (-ve) wire goes to the switch and fed from the 'T' terminal of the ignition switch.
Where is the best place to pick up a ground connection from?
I assume fog lamp should be mounted on the near side?
M Lees

You can take a connection to ground on anything that is bolted permanently to the body or chassis, as long as its a clean conductive connection. The badge bar mounting, for example, would be fine in most cases.
Dave H
Dave Hill

I have had spot lamps on all my cars especially when I was living in the bush, I found that earths always gave trouble sooner or later until I started running the earth back to the battery earth post.


G Mills

Thanks for the input, the mounting bolts for the horn look like the best bet.
M Lees

This thread was discussed on 08/04/2015

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