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MG TD TF 1500 - Fog / Driving Lights

This is my neighbor Peter's recently painted TD 10879. My wife is enamored of the large fog and driving lights and I'm pretty fond of them myself. They are 7+ inches in diameter. I'd love to put a set on my TD but all I can find are 5" models. 5" would have been OK if we hadn't seen the classy 7" lights.

Does anyone know if 7" fog/driving lights are available? Does anyone have a set that they wish to get rid of?



J K Chapin

Jud, your neighbor's and mine were likely on the assembly line together, Lazarus is TD10855. I can't tell from the photo, but it wouldn't surprise if his car weren't Autumn Red. I know of at least two others with close numbers that would seem to have been Autumn Red originally. Bud
Bud Krueger

They are Lucas SFT/SLR 700s. They make repops if these as well or you can find originals on eBay. These would generally be found on RR, Bentley Jag other large is saloons etc. There are very early TD factory photos showing a single 700 mounted to the badge bars.
W A Chasser

The badge bar on very early TDs had a bracket provision only for a central, single Lucas SFT 462 fog lamp. (I suspect cars that were rallying resorted to the larger 7" Lucas fog/spotlamp).

The larger version of the SLR Lucas 576 were the 700S lamps which also
had the chrome 'nipple' in the centre part of the glass lense. Look ok on a a TD.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

There are repros available from SVC.
The SFT700
and Lucas CLR700 Flame-thrower (L731) SPOT LIGHT

SVC make lovely products!
Declan Burns

Hi Jud, I have some of these 7" fog/driving lights for sale. If you are still looking please send me an email message at: .
Cheers, Hugh
H.D. Pite

Hugh, you have mail.


J K Chapin

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