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MG TD TF 1500 - Fog Lamp Wire

Knowing the TD came prewired for fog lamps (red/yellow wire) can anyone direst me as to where to begin looking for this wire. I have looked up under the front bumper and see nothing. That said, I can't even say the PO hasn't removed it for some reason. Thanks in advance.
L Karpman

The fog lamp wire should come over from the left side (drivers side in the US), under the radiator and be located approximately just under the front splash apron on the right side. Take off the splash apron and you may find it in the right side vicinity.

Good luck
Roy Challberg

Thanks for the info Roy.
L Karpman

In my TF, the end of fog lamp wire is a snap in connector that I found just in front of (and below) the carburetors. Presumably when the PO restored the car he/she did not think it worth extending from the loom all the way to the front of the car. If you can find a stray wire with a connector in your engine compartment it may be your fog lamp wire. Easy to confirm with a circuit tester and the fog lamp switch on.
J H Crighton

Thanks. Unfortunately, I find no wire at all. Worst case, I'll string another.
L Karpman

Did you trace it 'forward' from the switch...? Mine was removed right from the switch on forward and replaced with an accessory toggle.... There is a 'gaggle' of bullet connectors just beside the oil pump along the frame...any empty female connectors in that bunch?
gblawson - TD#27667

Hmm, hadn't looked down there yet. Been crawling around doing other things though :-) Next time I'm under, I'll take a peek. Thanks.
L Karpman

Speaking of fog lamps, I see many TDs with 2 fog lamps (perhaps one fog, one driving). In the case of 2 fog lamps mounted and wired to the fog lamp switch, is the generator output sufficient in a late TD to handle 2 fog lamps, side lamps, and tail lamps concurrently?
L Karpman

Larry -- The dynamo in the late TD's was rated for 19 Amps. I believe the current draw of the original type Lucas fog lamps was a little less than sealed beam headlights. So if things are adjusted correctly the dynamo should be able to carry the load and charge a small amount. Besure the dynamo is the late TD type C39PV/2. An awful lot of them have been changed.
R. K. (Bob) Jeffers

With high beams and the two driving lamps on, my ammeter pegs out right at 0...brake lamp or turn signals drop it way down.... there again, I don't drive for hours with all of them on... have to turn off all but 'lows' when i'm anywhere near town or another car... all four light up about a mile of road!
gblawson - TD#27667

Check the steering rack. My wire was strapped to the rack with the wires for the right front lights.

Evan Ford - TD 27621

Thanks folks. And Bob, my generator is a C40. Don't know if that is a good as the one you mentioned.

BTW, in Texas, as in many other states, you cannot "legally" drive with fog lamps on with the main beams on too. Ony the side lamps.

And Evan, I will look where you suggest. Unfortunately, my job gets in the way of my free time right now :-)
L Karpman

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