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MG TD TF 1500 - Fog or Driving Lights

I'm about ready to order a badge bar (for installing my 50th Anniversary NEMGTR badge)for my TF but cannot find a definitive answer if fog or driving lights were mounted and if there were originally 1 or 2 lights mounted.
On the second page of an original sales brochure I have it states "OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Badge bar, luggage carrier and external rear view mirror, and fog lamp".
My research indicates that these "Optional Extras" were most likely installed by the dealer. Based on the verbiage in the sales brochure it appears one fog lamp would be installed?
Any other thoughts on this from the group that could enlighten me?
Mark Stolzenburg
Chesterfield, Missouri, USA
TF 8263
Mark Stolzenburg

Mark info I have says " badge bar and fog lamp mounting , ( two mounting brackets for lamps)"

So it looks like you could have two or one or a combo with a fog lamp and a running lamp. Picture to follow.

JWP Policastro

My set up. Not saying it is correct. I love the new badge.

JWP Policastro

Other brochures available here:

Christopher Couper

Sorry I screwed up. Here is the info for the TF

Badge bar and fog lamp mounting. Fog lamp or spot light. Fog is Lucas SFT576 and spot is SLR576.

JWP Policastro

You can see my pair of Lucas yellow lights in the nearby post. My observation is that in the 40's, many British cars had only one auxillary light. In the 50's and 60's, it went to two. I wonder if that was because the British economy had improved.
The available badge bars have brackets for two lights.

'54 TF
T Norby

I run two amber lamps .
One fluted fog & one smooth lens driving.
Living near a lake I use them quite often due to fog.
Light fog either both or just the clear...heavy fog the single fluted one does best.
Couple ways to do that from the "aux" switch on the dash:
Replace with "dual" switch 1st: fog 2nd: driving or both.

I wired mine using the aux as "on" and then 2 toggles that allow me to pre select either or both. Both are fused and run through relays.

David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

Has anyone installed two fog lights (mounted low) as well as two driving lights (mounted above the bumper)?
I seem to recall that arrangement mentioned some time back. Lou VanK.
Lou Van Koningsveld

I don't think there is a 'correct' answer as to what diving or fog lights 'should' be fitted since the dealers were happy to fit whatever the customer wanted. Plain/fluted, clear/yellow, they were all available for TF.

M Magilton

Whoops. Missed the TF :-(

Forget my post.

This website has some images of a lot of MG brochures, but none of the TF ones have the fog lamp.
Christopher Couper

Here is a pic that shows the large 'flame thrower' that came with the car when I bought it in Appleton Wisconsin some years ago


R.S. Ralph Siebenhaar

I've swopped over the "P" switch for the "A" one and wired the dash so that the panel lights come on with the side lamps and the "P" switch works the glove box ones. This means I have a two position switch for the auxillaries - first pull the fog lamp and second both fog and spot. I have fitted relays and heavy duty wire since it is possible for two headlamps and two auxillary lamps to be on at the same time and if each takes 50 watts that means about 17 amps going through the "L" switch. Just for interest I used thinwall cable which is far more durable than the original, has a vastly superior current carrying capacity and is less bulky. Wrap it with Tesa tape and no one will ever know there is a modification. Oh - because of the reduced bulk the loom will feed through the hole in the firewall with ease.

Jan T
J Targosz

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