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MG TD TF 1500 - For the MGTF Folks

Just saw this on craigslist in the SF Bay area. No interest. There is a picture and going for $3,500.

mgtf, 1500 Rolling tub has mgb motor and transmission Great body and frame restored then sat for many years , bumpers there but no brackets. NO Dash but has 2 of the Oriiginal gauges ,has top bows .has vin tag to tittle .Some extra parts is boxes .can help with delivery.209-598-4019
Mike Hart (52 TD 16378)

Where is Oroville? PJ
P Jennings

A TF with a TD radiator??? Looks a bit queer.
G.E. Love

Oroville? Got it. PJ
P Jennings

I think it ran into something and crunched the bottom of the grill. Might be difficult to get that one straightened out. The fenders (wings) don't look too bad.
Bob Jeffers

Why does everything I would be interested in have to be in California, or in general, on the West coast? I'd jump on the car just for parts if nothing else. The B drive train is sale able and an XPAG engine is also a possibility to bring the car back to life. Oh well, such is life. (Frown) PJ
P Jennings

I think Mr. Love is right ...that is a TD radiator shroud. Too wide and it is sitting straight up and down (no "rake"). Looks like it is several inches from meeting the bonnet also. Very strange.

PJ: Offer him $3500 if he pays shipping?
I have had a couple cars shipped from CA. for around $500. I'd give you my shippers name...but he isn't doing it anymore.
David Sheward

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