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MG TD TF 1500 - Frankinstein Revisited

The first photo is the one I posted awhile back.

After a bit of tweeking I did away with the hose clamps.

I will explain in a series of posts with photos.

Mort 50 TD

In this photo I have replaced the clear tubing with 5/8" PCV hose. The neatest part was something new for me. Instead of hose clamps I used a Gates heat shrinkable clamp. Very neat. Begone Frankinstein.
I used a blacj plastic "Y" connector to channel the valve and crankcase gases to the air filter.

Mort 50 TD

Here you see a replacement tappet side cover. I think it's from a Woosley. I modified the spring loaded post and cotter pin with a 1/4"-28 hex bolt. I made some gaskets for it and it can be rotated to suit.

Mort 50 TD

This is a modified air/water separator. The original filter put too much back pressure on the system so I took it out. I drilled some additional holes and use some steel wool to collect the oil.

I have the whole system on an angle so that as oil accumulates in the bowl it will flow back down the hose and return to the crankcase via the side cover.

Mort 50 TD

The separator does not remove all the oil from the gases. Some gets by and accumulates in the air filter. The air filter gets soaked and drips on the starter switch and then on down the engine compartment.

I took a piece of 1-1/4" OD clear tubing about 10" long and sealed the ends with a torch. I cut a slot in the center of the tubing and it is a slip fit under the air filter and the oil now drains into the tubing. Since it is flexible the tube slides out easily for cleaning.

I have made a few test runs and all seems well.

Time will tell.

Mort 50 TD


I love your ingenuity.

Tell us about the Gates clamps. I've yet to use one. How much pressure do they apply? For what uses are they recommended or not?


JE Carroll

These are great clamps. Watch this You Tube video:

These are the ones I used.

The instructions say you can heat about 1/3 of the way around so it works in tight places.


Mort 50 TD

Way cool!

There are plenty of places I can imagine using them.
JE Carroll

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