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MG TD TF 1500 - FromTheFrameUp Rotors

I bought a couple of rotors from the new source that I learned about, FromTheFrameUp. Images are attached. They seem well made. The letters 'AD' are molded in at the lower side of the 'spout'. I'll try one out as soon as I can get the snow cleared away from the garage and the temperature gets up to 40F with sunshine and dry roads. (Well, I can dream. Can't I?) I paid $17.50 for 2 of them with shipping (USPS).

Bud Krueger

I think these are the same pieces that LBC is advertising, again, you have to buy two.

Dave Braun

Buying two was my choice. I could have bought just one.
Bud Krueger

Jeff Schlemmer has for sale, they look very much alike.
Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Thanks for the pictures Bud.

Did you by chance order a cap? I have been planning to order both a cap and rotor from FromTheFrameUp. Any chance you can measure the rotor height? I'm wondering if it will need to be ground down to allow use with the pertronix collar.

Evan Ford

Hi Evan. I haven't ordered a cap, but I may. I plant to do the measurements shortly to see how they comply with the Pertronix sleeve requirements. May have them later today.
Bud Krueger

Measured a FromTheFrameUp rotor. Should be no problem with the Pertronix sleeve. The dimensions are very close to those of an original Lucas rotor.

Find the thread 'Pertronix Problem' for more details on this issue. Below is an image of the rotor with the dimensions, viz., .382 in. inside and .660 in, overall.

Bud Krueger

Dave is correct, these are the rotors supplied by Advanced Distributor. From the frame up, among others, is a reseller for them.
Steve S

Thanks Bud,

Can you measure the height of the rotor? Top to bottom?

Evan Ford

Evan,that's the .660 in. overall measurement. OEM Lucas was .669 in.
Bud Krueger

Thanks Bud! Sorry I misunderstood the measurement. I couldn't respond earlier due to my ID getting compromised. I'm back now, in MG witness protection!

Evan Ford (New and Improved)

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