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MG TD TF 1500 - front brake cylinders

I have recently had to rebuild all 4 front brake cylinders on my 1953 MG TD. The pistons were stuck fast, in the end I had to result to welding a bolt to the piston crown, which then allowed me to pull the piston from the cylinder. I then removed the weld by refacing the piston crowns in a lathe. My question relates to the piston cover/ dust seal that is recessed to take the brake shoe adjuster. Should this be a loose fit over the top of the piston ? On mine these caps were a tight fit to the brake cylinder body and required hammering off with a punch to reveal the piston crown. These are not shown as a spare part and obviously only come with new cylinders

My thinking process suggests that these piston covers/dust seals should be a loose fit to allow the piston to move . I would welcome some advice from those of you who have had to refurbish front wheel cylinders.

(Jack, Buckingham UK)
J N Martin

Hi Jack, the covers are attached to the piston with I think spot weld in two places.


Paul van Gool

Jack, having learned many things the hard way over the years myself, you just destroyed 4 pistons. The cap is factory welded to the piston so it is one piece. If they were that frozen, likely time to replace anyway. Moss has really dropped the price on new front cylinders. George
George Butz

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