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MG TD TF 1500 - Front Brakes Locking Up

I took the TD out for a test run today and found the brakes pulling to the left so I returned home to adjust them.

I found that the front wheels were locked up. I suspected a clogged master cylinder so I checked the rear wheels and they seemed to be fine (not locked up).
I tried to make an adjustment, repeated the test run and the fronts were locked up again.

Your ideas and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Mark Sherman
mrkshrmn at
Mark A. Sherman

Check the condition of your hoses; they often collapse internally, but look fine on the outside. Try opening one of the bleeders and if fluid spurts out, look to the hoses. Also check for a stiff wheel cylinder. It makes sense to check (and rebuild, if necessary) them all, since you will have things apart, and flush the fluid until it comes out clear.

It makes good sense to flush the system every couple of years to remove moisture, contaminants, etc.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Also check the adjustment of the M/C pedal rod. I had adjusted mine a little tight and had the same problem. Adjusted the rod so it had a little slack and ....voila.... problem solved. Found the adjustment and trouble shooting in the Lockheed Brake Manual.
C.R. Tyrell

Hi Mark,
get somebody to help you,slack off the adjusters one at a time.Pump pedal,adjust to return piston, do this a few times until the piston returns under spring pressure then do all the others.
I do this as a matter of course every couple of months and have never had a cylinder stick or leak in 38 years of ownership.It also makes sure I am checking for leaks regularly.
If the brakes are fully adjusted the pistons only move thousands of and inch and tend to stick.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

I also have thin rubber washers between the piston mask and the cylinder to prevent water entry.
These used to be supplied with the repair kits but no longer. I just cut them out of 1/32" rubber sheet.
Ray Lee

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