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MG TD TF 1500 - front fender turn lights

Hi all:

I am wiring up my new British Wiring harness with turn signals. Question for the experts: does the wire wrap (that covers the two wires)extend into the fender, or are the two wires suppose to be visible from under the fender?


I just installed mine from them over Christmas. I found that there was a lot of extra wire go the side lamps and have to shorten it. I ran the braid into the lamp. Other people have said they have had a lot of extra, also. so I don't feel bad. It may be that the same harness is used for a MG YB also, hence the extra.

I'm pretty sure that was how it was done originally. I replaced the original harness.
Larry Ayres

When I look under the front fenders, I see two bullet connectors and two wires heading up to the headlight brackets? Rebuilt in 1969 so don't know it that was stock?

Interesting, with so little room in the lamp assembly, it is a real trick to get enough braid into the light and then back out the excess as one inserts the lamp socket.


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