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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuel....?

My goodness... I filled up on the weekend and it took $45.86 worth....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Overhere we would love such pricing. Currently, one litre takes 1.70 euro, $ 2.45
Greetings, huib
Huib Bruijstens

Wow, I wish our fuel was that cheap - Uk petrol prices currently 1.35/litre = 6.075/UK gallon = 60 per tank say $94 Canadian Dollars! Matt
Matt Davis

When ever I get the My goodness feeling at the fuel pumps I always tell my self at least she doesnt run on beer . Here in the UK a good quality beer (which is the only sort a TD/TF owner would drink) costs about 3 a litre at the supermarket. Thats 135 for a tankfull. And beer is just hops water and yeast (and the skill of the brewer of course) not a finite resource that has to be extracted from some pretty extreme places. When the price of petrol equals the price of beer I will have to resort to at least she doesnt run on wine!
M Sutton

As we are outside of the European VAT zone, beer and fuel are taxed very little. Filled up on the weekend at 1.02 (about .90 p) per liter so about 2/3 Matt's price in the UK. Lager, (ale is very expensive) can still be bought for 20 centimos (18p) a tin, and for accommodation as the weather is always nice a large cardboard box under a bridge is really all that is necessary :)..... Chris
Chris Malcolm (TD 29228)

...ours this morning is $1.39 per went up 6 cents last night and is supposed to go up another 6 cents tonight....(Canadians won't realize it went up 12 cents...just 6 cents twice....)
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Back in '69 and '70, I would fill my MGB for between $4.00 and $5.00. If I went to the local Shell station where one of my old school/surfing chums worked, I would get a couple of sheets of "green stamps" as well a whole case of NFL drinking glasses thrown in! But, then again, a brand new MGB, at that time, had a sticker price of around $3000 and a candy bar (milky way) was $.05.
When I was REALLY young, back in the '50's, we had a 5 corners near us that was famous for price wars. I remember seeing 11 cents at one time!
Steven Tobias

You got me wound up about taxes again and then I realised, my petrol tank is in the loft!

Maybe I got the wrong idea but I thought that you bought it, took it apart, put it together and then passed it on so the next lucky b*** could experience the delights of maligning the PO.

Why're y'all getting worked up about petrol prices? Just sit in the garage and thank you're lucky stars you don't live in the Canary Islands where you can't get a decent pint and just admire it.

A R Jones

In Norway we now pay 14 NKR for one liter of gasoline; i.e. 2,40 dollars pr liter or 1,50 GBP pr liter. But then a good quality beer like Boddington or Guiness bought at the Local grocery shop will set me back 4 GBP.

But our income is high, so who are we to complain? Food and shelter every day and a TF in the garage. Works for me!


Jan Kristoffersen

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