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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuel Filter Question

I am seeking opinions regarding fuel filters. I have a 1954 TF. From the fuel tank the fuel line goes to a Facet Pump (my backup pump) then on to the SU filter. Any thoughts on whether or not I should install an inline filter in the system? I am thinking that since the tank has a filter, the SU pump has a filter and there are filters on each carburetor is another filter really needed?

What do y'all think?

LD Kanaster

On the TD the fuel pump is on the firewall under the bonnet and easily accessible. I don't know if that's the same in the TF.

Experts advise against having a filter between the tank and the pump because if (when) the filter clogs the pump starves and can damage itself. Nonetheless, on my TD I have a filter before the pump. Prior to today the filter clogged about every 200 miles. The symptom was like running out of gas. Off to the side of the road, clean the filter and I'm on my way. I've found it easier and quicker to clean one inline filter that to clean three filters (pump and both carbs).

Since my last drive (clogged filter, side of the road, you know the drill) I've removed the tank, thoroughly cleaned the inside and coated if with Red-Kote. I'll let the coating cure for a week before introducing fuel to the tank.

I'll keep the inline filter for a while to see what, if anything, now comes out of the tank.

Wish me luck.

Jud TD 25009 (Numbers matching except for the head, carbs, dizzy, manifold, exhaust, paint, floorboards, pistons, cam and lifters, pushrods, generator, and lord knows what else but the block and chassis do match)
J K Chapin

Jud, you must have had one cruddy fuel tank. I haven't cleaned my in-tank filter in, I can't remember how long. At least 10 years. Bud
Bud Krueger

Larry, unfortunately for new participants on this board, a long time, SU pump expert has passed away. His advise, based on DECADES of experience overhauling the SU pumps is NEVER place a filter upstream of this pump. (As mentioned by Jud above) there is a lot of info in the archives.

tm peterson

Shown here in another pic, I put an extra filter on my TF on the pressure side of the main pump, insulated, and mounted it out of sight along the forward chassis. My system is very clean and this filter is just a little added insurance. PJ

PJ Jennings

I won't further hijack this thread with the sad tale of relining my gas tank but suffice it to say all has not gone well.

J K Chapin

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts. A couple of other items regarding my fuel system. When I rebuilt the car Dave DuBois suggested I install a shutoff valve on the fuel line just after the tank. Many times it has saved me from having to drain the tank when working on the fuel system. FYI, on the TF the early 1954 models had the SU pump in the firewall area while the later TFs moved the pump to the right rear wheel well. Anyway, when I installed the Facet pump I also installed the filter that mounts to the pump. This is an enclosed filter, not a see-through filter. A couple of years ago my engine quit and, after quite a bit of work (and swearing) I found the problem was that the filter was clogged. At that time I drilled out the filter so the fuel would flow and then installed a clear filter with a removable cartridge between the tank and the Facet pump. I thought that each year I would just change the cartridge. Sadly, it was not so simple. I forgot that the 'barb' connections between the pump and the fuel line (rubber type) were plastic and one broke while I was trying to disconnect the filter. I have not had any luck replacing the plastic connectors with brass. The cartridge was clean and this led to my discussion about just eliminating this filter entirely.
Oh, I forgot to mention that when the engine failed due to the clogged filter on the Facet pump, I burned out the SU pump trying to resolve the issue. More swearing of course came about!

LD Kanaster

Age old advice to me was always keep your tank full over winter when the tanks insides were most susceptible to condensation and rust which delaminated when the car was in motion. BUT that was before bio-fuel which absorbs water anyway which in turn settles on the bottom of the tank. I now use Kolor Kut Water Finding paste after it's being suggested on another forum.
JK Mazgaj

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