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MG TD TF 1500 - fuel hose thread

Hello all,
I'm about to change the hose between the pump and the rear carb.

A nearby manufacturer can make one but it seems that the fittings are no more standard.

Does someone know the standard of these fittings ?

LC Laurent31

British Standard Pipe thread
Mel Pascoe

Are we talking about the original fuel lines or the replacement lines?

The original had a corrugated steel tube with a brass wire wrap on the outside that was cad plated.

The fittings on the original fuel line were soldered into the fittings.

The new hoses have rubber hose covered with a tight steel woven wire cover. The fittings are pushed into the hose and a brass ferrule is compressed over the outer wire covering.

I have not found any source for the original fuel lines or the fittings.

Bruce Cunha

Good question. I think have an old replacement one.
But never mind the hose side. This is the manufacturer's problem. The question is about the matchin with the fuel pump and the banjo fittings.

OK for the thread but don't forget there is a taper shape inside which is part of the standard.
A picture of mine maybe useful.


LC Laurent31

You can purchase solder nipples here-or make them yourself-60 cone.
Declan Burns

To clarify, the thread is 1/4" BSPP, but get the ones that accommodate 5/16" tubing.
Lew Palmer

Thanks all.
This website is a wonder ! I didn't know them.

LC Laurent31

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