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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuel Line

I just installed new pump-to-carb-to-carb fuel lines and I like them - they fit, haven't leaked yet and are shiney. The problem is that the make the line from the tank to the pump look ugly. I'd like to get another pump to carb shiney line and replace the portion outlined in red in the attached pic with it. Hopefully the inlet fitting on the pump is the same as the outlet so that end should fit. Can I use a compression fitting (the kind that has the little copper ring that fits around the copper pipe that you can buy in the plumbing dept.) for the lower connection to the the fuel line?



J K Chapin

Jud - The short answer is no. You won't find the correct fitting at your local plumbing store. The fitting you need is a 1/4 BSP compression fitting that can be soldered to the pipe.

That particular line should be a single piece from the tank to the pump which looks to be the case with you line and someone just cut a section out of it for whatever reason. I have not found the exact pieces that you need, but there are a couple of ways you can make a work around. See the chart, Fuel Line Fittings in the SU fuel pumps Articles section of my Homepage at: Look at figures 9, 10 and 11. The first alternative is to use four of the fittings shown in Fig. 11 and two fittings shown in Fig. 9. Solder the fittings (Fig. 11) to the ends of the pipes and to either end of a section of pipe to go where the rubber line is and use two fittings (Fig. 9). This would patch the existing hard line with a piece that would extend the inlet line to reach the inlet fitting on the pump.

If you can get a long enough armored flexible line, you could use the fitting shown in Fig. 10 by drilling on end to fit over the end of the hard line (if you can find a local machinist, you could get him/her to drill on end out and turn the threads off the same end to make it look like a purpose fit adapter. You can then attach the flexible line between that point on the hard line to the pump. If you need some guidance, e-mail me at Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

Dave, thanks. I'm now faced with the proverbial "Ain't broke - Don't fix it" but I'll keep thinking about it. If I understand your response (I haven't been to your site references yet but will as soon as I finish this), the stock "Moss" pump to carb fuel line will mate up with the inlet to the pump but I'll neet to get a 1/4 BSP compression fitting that can be soldered to the pipe. Will any of the usual suppliers (Moss, AS, etc.) have such a beast?

J K Chapin

Jud - e-mail me and we can discuss the procedure along with pictures of what I am trying to say. I don't think that the armored flexible line sold by Moss or Abingdon is long enough to reach from where the ridged line was cut and even if it is long enough, it would make a nice sweep onto the inlet fitting of the pump as there is on the piece of ridged line that is left on the pump. Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

Here is what may have gone in the gap, now bridged with the hose.

JA Benjamin

JA, very close but mine wasn't as nice.

Dave, you've got mail (in just a few minutes). Thanks.


J K Chapin

Good choice to remove the filter at that point Jud. That could have caused more damage than being an asset. Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

It was a good choice. The filter left me dead on the side of the road thinking I needed a new fuel pump. Took out the filter and have put over 200 miles on it without a hiccup. Running better than it's ever run. Just followed good advice from this bbs. Jud
J K Chapin

Oops! That was your advice.

14 June 2014: D W DuBois, Washington, USA
Jud - ... Finally - one further piece of advice - loose that filter in front of the fuel pump. The SU fuel pump and carburetors are extremely tolerant fine debris. The filter screens in the tank, fuel pump and float bowls are in there to stop rocks and small birds only.
Thanks. Jud
J K Chapin

If you don't like that black pipe, just get a longer copper pipe , resolder the fitting that goes to the pump, reroute the new longer copper pipe to a convenient spot under the car and use the black hose to connect up to the pipe from the tank where it will not be seen,, This way you don't need the compression fittings,,
The copper pipe can be shinned up to look real good!!

Steve Wincze

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