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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuel Line Compression Fitting

Need help! I snapped off the brass fuel line line compression fitting nut under the fuel tank where the fuel line is fastened to the threaded strainer connection. Is there a domestic supplier source to get this 1/2 inch+/- diameter 20 BSB thread compression nut? It's for a 52 TD Mark II (two separate fuel lines so I need two of them). Thanks.

I'd contact Abingdon Spares.

If it is a compression fitting, then you'll have to get another ferrule (or two?), as the original will have to be cut off the get the nut onto the tubing. Could it be a bubble flare or a "seat" soldered onto the tube end? Sorry, got nothing here to examine.

I cheated and crimped a British hose fitting onto a stainless braided teflon hose... another one of my cobbled up jobs, but it works.

They are not compression fittings but double flare fittings

Easy solution: buy the entire line with fittings from Moss. etc,
It will cost faer less than buying the flaring tool and the nuts
Don Harmer

Or you could buy one line, cannibalize the nuts and then get some slip ferrules.

Saves you from buying two lines and the hassle of shaping them under the car etc. Not a happy job.
Chris Couper

Hello Ted. If all else fails contact me I'll make them for you.

Butch Taras
R Taras

Hello Ted
Check out the Moss MGA catalog, pt# 376-415 nipple fuel line 1/4' BSP, it's a soldered on fitting that looks like a compression fitting. Number 5 on the illustration. I believe this will also work on a T series as well as the MGA fuel line.
Hiram Kelley

I'm sorry, I meant to say MGB/C catalog not MGA. I got the part# correct, just screwed op on the model.


Hiram Kelley

Hiram when I had to make a new fuel line I used the nipples you discribed .A nice Guy here on the forum pointed me to the get nipples from Moss as you stated.

Gerard Hengeveld

Tim - That fitting is a 1/4 BSP compression fitting. There are a couple of options, You can order an olive (P/N 12-2717) and nut (P/N 12-8252 from Victoria British The second option is to order a solder on nipple (P/N 376-415) and (nut P/N 376-405) from Moss Motors

See the chart, Fuel Line Fittings in there SU fuel pump Articles at: Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Thanks guys. Since I can easily remove my snapped compression nut by loosening the fuel line brackets I think I prefer just replacing the nut and avoid replacing the flared end nipple. Dave, would simply replacing the nut with either the Moss or VB supplied nut not work? Or do these nuts have a different seat at the top versus what may be the original flared nipple end on my Mark II double fuel lines?

Thanks in advance. Tim
Tim Debes

Does anybody know the approximate length of 376-415?

I have a leak from the fuel line where it attaches to the tank and believe it is the "shoulder" fitting that is soldered to the line.

376-415 and 376-405 are offered as options from the early MGB tanks.

I can go rubber hose to my backup fuel pump as I only have about 15" of copper currently.

Thanks in advance.

P G Gilvarry

Peter - P/N 376-415 is JUST the nipple, which is approximately 3/4 inch. 376-405 is the compression nut that attaches the nipple to the fitting in the tank. If you are looking for a means of lengthening the pipe, just solder the nipple to a piece of pipe about 3" long, attach the nipple to the fuel tank outlet, then bridge the gap with some fuel hose. Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Then make sure your tank is grounded. With a rubber gas hose, you lose the ground in most cases. you will need it for the low fuel light.
M Grogan

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