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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuel pump Guru's

1954 TF not started in 30+years
Nasty Fuel drained, lines completely clogged, now there're open
fuel pump needs help, I did the tear down, it needs a diaphragm, points. But coil is working.
Is this supposed to be a high pressure pump(TF) versus the TD? If so how do you tell the difference? Armature shaft is 3 inches long and the iron washer that drives the diaphragm has a ridge machined into it. Pump body is aluminum not brass. Not sure if this is the correct pump.

Thank you all,
Santa Cruz, Ca
m r phinn


Your only a few states away from one of the best fuel pump guru's there is. David Dubois posts on this site all the time. He will chime in and can fix you up.
Bruce Cunha

Mike - The pump you have is a high pressure, long body and is meant to be mounted under the car near the fuel tank, although I have seen them mounted in the engine compartment without any bad effects. The pump can be restored and made to work (I have a couple in my shop right now), although if there has been a lot of rust particles in the alloy pump body, there may be damage from the particles eating into the alloy. Contact me off line at if you want the pump restored and converted to solid state. Cheers - Dave
Daved DuBois

Dave, did any of the 54s have the rear pump? When did they change over? My 55 has the rear pump, but I thought the 54s were the same as the TDs. I didn't know there was a difference in the single pumps being high and low pressure due to location on the car. Now I'm curious if mine is the right one. PJ

My pump. Right/Wrong?

Paul sr

According to the Moss site, the wiring harness/pump location changed at TF1501. I think some of the earlier TF's were retrofitted with a rear pump, due to vapor lock with the low pressure pump under the bonnet. George
George Butz

Right. The factory began to weld the flange on the frame to accept the pump when the pump was moved. One of the few changes to the frame on a TF vs. a TD. (The TF also has a flange on the tub hoop for the steering column, and a bung on each side in the back for the spare tire carrier, and two brackets in the rear most crossmember for the tire carrier).
D. Sander

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