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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuel pump Leak

My fuel pump is leaking from the filter plug on the bottom of the pump. No problem last year but when I filled the tank this summer the fuel started dripping from the plug at the bottom of the fuel pump.
There was a fiber washer underneath the plug. I replaced it but no change in the leaking. What is the proper way to seal the plug? Would plumbers tape help?

Morris - My experience in cases like this is that rust particles have collected in the bottom of the pump and have combined with a little bit of moisture to eat away at the alloy around the plug seat, allowing it to leak. Teflon tape is not a good material to use in this application. A better sealer is Rectoseal 5. This is a non hardening paste type of sealer available at any store that carries plumbing supplies including Lowe's and Agent Orange (AKA Home Depot). Apply it to both the internal threads in the pump body and the external threads of the plug and it should take care of your leak. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Thanks David. I took the plug out once again and there was more sediment and rust on the screen and in the hollow of the plug.There was quite a lot of crap inside the first time I pulled the plug.
Instead of the thread sealer I found an "O" ring that fit the mating face of the plug and reinserted the plug with the "O" ring. This did the trick and the leaking stopped. I also dressed the face of the plug to ensure there were no irregularities on that face.
It was suggested to me when I destroyed the rubber seal on the filer cap of one of my rear dampers, to use a large "O" ring to replace the rubber seal that is no longer available.It also worked well.
Thanks again

Morris - Now that you have the leak stopped, You need to take a look at the tank. Since you are getting that much rust in the fuel pump, there is a major rust problem in the tank. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Are there any O rings out there that are NOT compatible with gasoline????

Steve Wincze

Steve - When used in a static situation, like as a gasket, most 'O' rings will work fine. The problems arise when using them as a sliding seal (such as on the jets in the carburetors), where any swelling, however slight can interfere with the sliding fit. The problem with using an 'O' ring as a gasket in an application like the filter plug, that does not have a grove specifically made for an 'O' ring, is that if the 'O' ring material swells, there is nothing to hold it in place and it can push itself out of the sealing area and start leaking. In the case of the filter plug in the fuel pump that Morris is having trouble with, the filter itself will help hold the 'O' ring in place.
Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

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