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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuel Pump Leak- A thank you.

Hi All,

I would like to thank Dave Dubois for his ideas and guidance in rectifying an annoying leak from the SU High Pressure fuel pump on the TF1500.

The pump worked very well however there was a small, persistent leak coming from the brass nut area where the filter is housed. I contacted Dave via email and he promptly gave me some sound advice regarding ways to stop the leak.

Firstly, he suggested purchasing a softer type washer from Burlen Services
in UK.

Dave also suggested to carefully use a fuel resistant sealant on both the thread of the brass plug and also the threads in the pump filter housing.
I also removed any score marks on the contact surface of the brass plug where it presses up against the new washer.

Refiitted the filter, washer and brass plug and I am very pleased to say the pump is now totally leak free.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

Dave is an EXCELLENT fellow, and the source of much highly-respected SU fuel pump work and wisdom. I would expect no less of him.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

I endorse Tomís comments. I had a TF1500 pump rebuilt by him.

Good communications throughout, and it came back better than New.

P G Gilvarry

I sent an email to Dave for my SU on the MGTD Mkll.
This SU does not look as I would expect it to look.
Shaun Johnson (Warner Robins Ga.MGB) suggested new points and diaphragm. Moss no longer sells 070 you have to buy dual 080. considering I can use them on the second carb rebuild when ready may work for me.

Paris vonRabenau

My brother bought a new neg. ground electronic pump and had Dave up the pressure for his Corvair application. Bro saw the words "mount with this side up" on the pumping end 0f the pump. He thought that meant he should mount it with the coil end straight down, pointing at the ground. Not owning an MG he didn't know how we always lay the pump on it's side and thus pointing at the radiator. The pump worked fine until until the car was left outdoors for 3 months and filled up with water. The water entered through the little vent hole meant to allow air to breath as the diaphram goes up and down, i believe.
Anyway, the rust formed on everything including the electronic PC board which we had to replace. I put the pump in my Corvair mounted like a MG does it, and it has
worked fine for the last year. Some times we learn the hard way...

cj schmit

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