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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuel pump pressure

I have an aftermarket fuel pump on my 52 TD. The previous owner installed Solex carbs.

I've had the car for about 4 months and during the first 3 months things ran fine. In the past month, I have had a couple of instances where the car has cut out (almost acting like the engine has been flooded). This has happened both when the engine has been cold and hot.

I've cleaned the carbs inside the float chamber, cleaned the fuel pump filter and checked the pressure of the pump (all with the assistance of someone who has a passion for British sports cars). It's at about 6 lbs. which is higher than the 3-4 lbs. recommended - correct??? Could this be causing the engine cut outs? I also have a bit of spitting in the carbs and engine sputter/backfiring.
Phil Atrill

Phil 6 psi is about 4.5 psi high if you ere using SU carbs and I suspect that it is high even for the Solex. That said, if the pump you are using is an impulse pump, such as the Facet, it is difficult to get an accurate reading of pressure, but I would still be suspicious of that high of a reading.

Now, if the excess pump were flooding the carburetor, you should see overflow from the float chamber of the carb, with fuel dumping on the ground. Also the spitting back through the carburetor is more of an indication of a lean mixture rather than overly rich or flooded. You could also have a valve issue in the engine. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Thx for your thoughts Dave. I checked it again (with a better instrument from my neighbor) and its at 4.1, which is still a little high but tolerable.
Phil Atrill

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