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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuel Pump - TD


After having had my fuel pump sit idle for 10 years, I have attempted to revive it.... I have cleaned the points, checked the diaphragm for movement. and have checked inlet/outlet/filter for blockages.

When connected to the battery, I get a "click" and that's it. Disconnect and then reconnect... another one click. In fact I only ever get one click when i power it up. ( I haven't left it connected to the battery for any length of time as yet. )

Hoping someone might have some suggestions as to what I should be looking for if I have to pull it completely apart.


R Alexander

Check out Dave DuBois' excellent articles on fuel pumps.

TW Burchfield

Thanks Tim,

Have already looked through those pages... in fact have spent considerable time meandering through Dave's excellent photographic collection as I have put my TD back together again.

That will be the plan to rebuild the pump using Dave's reference material, but was hoping that I might find a reason for the pump's current woes.


Rhys (TD 12434)
R Alexander

Rhys - e-mail me at I may be able to help you with your pump. Chers - Dave
DW DuBois

Well, I had the same problem. I adjusted the throw over mechanism repeatedly, adjusted the diaphragm setting an equal amount of times to no avail. One click and nothing more. I finally replaced the diaphragm and immediate success. I'm sure your rebuild will fix the problem if it includes a new diaphragm.

Good luck

TW Burchfield

When the pump sits idle for extended periods of time, the diaphragm can and will stiffen. That is often the cause of the pump not being able to overcome the points throw over. A new diaphragm and a fresh set of points will usually cure the problem. However, there are several other items that should be replaced, or at least checked, as part of an overhaul. Gaskets dry out as do fiber washers, valves and valve cage can become worn, points pin can wear or rust. Best let Dave D or I rebuild the pump for you. Cheaper in the long run to do it right and only once.

Thank you for the responses...

.. looks like I am rebuilding my fuel pump earlier than I had planned! (I only wanted to start the engine for a test now that the engine is back in the car after so, so long)

R Alexander

If you still need to rest run set up a gravity feed head tank for you short start up and run time. Regards, tom
tm peterson

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