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MG TD TF 1500 - funny bidding on trailer queen

Looks like all bidding by same person, to me. What do you think?

John Redman

I looked at it again and decided that the poor hopeful is just trying to find the reserve price (which I imagine to be $30K).

John Redman can you have an award winning TD with a black top and tonneau... Beautiful car, but original is original...!!! If one is selling concours, make it concours...
gblawson - TD#27667

Got to agree Gordon. Concours may mead different thing to some, but to me it means as clost to the original as you can get. I would love to have this vehicle, it appears to be ver nice, but as you pointed out. A few rather easy touches could have really got it bact to original.

What would it have cost to do the firewall correctly and fill in extra holes. Change the coil to an original one. Nickle plate the ID tags, change the top, get the correct factory steering wheel and bring the instrument panel back to original?
BEC Cunha

Nice car, engine is incorrect color.

Ellis Carlton

A very nice car!
You still have to "translate sales talk".
Todays Lesson: 101 "Reading between the lines":
= That "WE" have available at this time!
Just like the claims of the telco claiming "fastest IP connection for the price"... or as I tell our dog Max all the time...(Max has short legs!)..."He IS the biggest dog in the world for his size"!
He just loves hearing that!
This will be a fun one to watch.
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

This thread was discussed on 08/02/2007

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