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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuse question for North Americans (Canada/U.S.)

Just searched the archives and my service manual (don't have my little owner's manual here at the house) for info on the two fuses... came up with a bit of info, but no actual "Use a 15 amp/30amp/35amp fuse". Seems there was discussion about British vs. North American fuses, etc., line amperage and wire size.
If you walked out to your car and pulled the two fuses, what "corner auto parts store" rating would they be?
g.b.lawson '53TD

A 50 amp British fuse is 25 amp hold. That is: its continuous current capacity is 25 amps. It will blow with an overload of 50 amp or a surge which exceeds 50 amp. You can use the American designated 15-17 amp (30-35 amp British) slow blow fuse. The generator is only capable of 17 or 19 amps on the TD-TF and most of that goes to the lights which aren't fused. A 15 amp slow blow fuse is intirely adequate except for the horns. Depending on their condition and adjustment a 15 amp may blow.
Pretty sure TD & TF are the same as far as "British" 1 50amp & 1 35amp so "Napa" would be 1 25amp & 1 17.5amp.
I think I got that right...any comments?
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Me again...
LBC has 10 packs of British fuses pretty I use those under the bonnet were they show. I have put extra fusing on the TF (hidden headlampS draw the most current and CAN heat-up a harness in a hurry) I have a 15amp on the headlamps / 12amp on my cig/accessary jack.
More Cheers,
David Sheward

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