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MG TD TF 1500 - fuse sizes

54 mgtf

Moss Motors calls for a 35 amp and a 50 amp fuse in fuse box. Are the fuse sizes right? The existing fuses I found in my fuse box are for less amps.

Which fuse goes from A1 to A2 and which fuse goes from A3 to A4 in the fuse box?


Ed Eastman
Ed Eastman

Ed -- The fuse ratings are British ratings and are about twice the USA ratings for the same fuse protection.
So fuses of about 18 and 25 Amps are USA replacements.
I never have figured out which fuse goes where.
R. K. (Bob) Jeffers

British 50 amp = American AGC 30 A3 - A4 (Horns)
British 35 amp = American AGC 25 A1 - A2 (Ignition Switched)
British 30 amp = American AGC 20
British 25 amp = American AGC 15
British 20 = AGC 10
10 = AGC 7.5
5 = AGC 3

British fuses are rated at their "Blow Point" while American are rated at their carrying capacity
Don Harmer

Thanks! Will pick up some fuses on the way home...

Best regards,

dave lackey

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