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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuses

I just ordered a box of fuses from Moss, they are rated at 35 amps, only ones I found. I'm assuming they are British rated. I believe the British rate their fuses differently than we do, can someone elaborate on this and tell me how their 35 amp fuse compares to ours? PJ
Paul Jennings

Paul, if you have some time to kill you might go into the archives and look for '35 amp fuse' in the 'all of these words' search. You'll find more information than you thought was out there.

BTW, how are you getting along with that ugly weather out there? Bud
Bud Krueger

Paul, this might answer your question quicker. I found it very useful.

TW Burchfield

The fuses you are referring to are Lucas fuses for automobiles. They have a continuous current rating of 17.5Amp and a continuous fuse rating of 35Amp, and the instantaneous fuse rating is a little higher.
What I believe this means is that they will take 17.5Amp ad infinitum, but once you go above 17.5Amp and up to 35Amp for a prolonged period the fuse will blow - presumably the closer you get to 35Amp the shorter the time period is liable to be. Over 35Amp and they will blow quickly.
It seems complicated and imprecise, but I suppose was limited by manufacturing ability at the time.
These days I assume all fuses are made to National or International Standards.
If someone knows better please tell us!
Dave H
Dave Hill

Thanks guys quite helpful.

Bud, the storm missed us by 40 miles to the West, all we got was 3 days of light rain and were very thankful for that! Thanks for asking.

Tim, Thanks, I downloaded the chart for future reference.

Dave, From the chart Tim posted, I now know the 35 amp Lucas is the same as a 25 amp US fuse. I'm happy with that.
Paul Jennings

Useful thread. This looks like a good topic for our next T Type Tech Day in November. Be good to duplicate the test Randall mentions. I'm also interested in finding a source of fuses that qualify as replacements for the originals both in form & function. Be nice to fit original looking fuses. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir


Interestingly on fairly original TF examples from around the world,
TFs had one 35amp fuse and a different 50amp fuse for the horn circuit in the fuse block. The Lucas 35amp has a white paper with rating printed on whereas the 50amp has yellow paper. Originally each fuse has pointed contact ends.

Rare items these days.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham talks about these at length, as well, including the Moss fuses. The MGA uses the identical fusebox to the later TD and TF.

The glass-with-paper Lucas fuses are available on eBay, but I've never seen the pointy ones offered.

Can anyone point to a place in the WSM or driver's manual that specifies the amperage of these two fuses? I've scoured them both and I'm just not seeing it. I've seen online claims that they are both 35 amp and others say that one is 50 amp. Are both correct and there was a change at some point to the latter?
David Littlefield

I doubt if you will find any reference in the usual MG manual sources.

However,and there always seems to be a however (lol), a friend and felllow MG NZ enthusiast sent me a Lucas reference to the fuse question some years ago.

Lucas published a paper 'Generator Output Control' and on page 17 and 18 the info. related to Fuses.Quote- "The 35amp. fuse on the right will protect those items connected through the ignition switch;the 50amp.
fuse on the left will serve the miscellaneous accessories supplied directly from the control box terminal A1,and may include such heavy current units as Windtone Horns".

The paper by Lucas had a red cover. Not sure of the date of proclamation.

If you look at The original mgtf midget site TF9052 in the Gallery
has a photo of the correct fuses in position. Most of the TFs I have restored had them in the fuse block also before stripping down.

David L., you are right about the scarcity of the correct Lucas fuses
on eBay or anywhere else ! I managed some years ago off eBay to get hold of a few of both the Lucas 35 and 50amp fuses with pointed contact ends.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

The pointy ended ones are not so difficult to find if you really want them. Look at ebay uk.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Strange that the WSM and the Operation Manual don't list the replacement fuse type and number. Lucas parts lists have the part number but not the value.

I found two references to the fuses.
"Lucas Quality Equipment & Spare Parts - 1954"
"Lucas Equipment for 1948 - 1962 Cars"
Fuses - MGTD & MGTF = Part numbers 188218 and 188219

Google: "Lucas fuse 188218" or "Lucas fuse 188219" to find sources and more info.

Link to "Lucas Quality Equipment & Spare Parts - 1954":
Must register at site (free) to view
Click on "Publications", scroll to "Lucas Quality Equipment & Spare Parts (1954)"

Link to "Lucas Equipment for 1948 - 1962 Cars"

Here is Barney's article on Slow Blow Fuses + update:

LM Cook

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