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MG TD TF 1500 - Gear Knob

Hi all,
I bought from my MG-Dealer an new gear knob (MOSS-No. 228-290) for my TD, but the thread from the Gear Lever is bigger (10mm) as from the Gear Knob.
Does anybody knows an answer?

Best regards from Germany

Georg Becker


My gear lever didn't have a stud welded to it, the lever had a hole that was tapped and a stud was threaded into it. I made a stud of the correct thread form for the new Moss knob, retapped the lever and used JB Weld (a strong epoxy good for metals) to hold the stud in the lever. I then installed the knob with a lock nut.

Hope this helps,
Dave Braun

The knob insert is usually brass and can be tapped to fit using a stainless steel bolt with the same thread as the shaft thus saving buying an expensive tap to make new threads in the knob.

I have had no trouble with the knob from Moss. The thread is (my memory now) 8mm x 1mm. Fit my TD and My TF just fine. I understand that there were a number of firms in Germany assembling 'T' series MG's. Could it be that yours is one of them and that might account for the difference in the threads?
Good Luck getting it to fit!
R. K. (Bob) Jeffers

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