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MG TD TF 1500 - Gearbox paint color(s) - TF

I'll be painting my TF gearbox in a few days. What color were these parts originally painted?

> Flange at the rear case that bolts to the universal joint
> Universal joints on the driveshaft
> The driveshaft
> Lever for the clutch (on the clutch housing)
> Clutch Withdrawal Shaft ... the end without the lever (LHD)
> Bearer Bracket (the plate that holds the rubber mounts)

I believe that the cast aluminum clutch housing is red like the engine and gearbox. The cast aluminum remote control is natual.


LM Cook

From the factory the transmission case and I believe the clutch lever were engine maroon, everything else was painted black. The chassis were painted assembled. This is what I did. I like the look of contrasting parts, everything the "right" color:

D. Sander
Christopher Couper

I had my case all painted with Hirsch paint with hardener, the rear flange black and even thought it's not original I had blued all the nuts and bolts. Unfortunately I ended up having to take it to someone else to rebuild and after he got it all back together he rattle canned red over all my work. Kind of irritating.
Rich (TD 3983) Taylor

I believe the correct colour to be Damask Red / Maroon as it closely matched the original paint on my engine and gearbox. As Chris Couper indicates, it is slightly darker than MG Red and darker than the bright red that many appear to have been repainted in over the years.
Dave Hill
Dave Hill

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