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Hi everyone, I'm trying to find a shop that can either rewind my 1952 TD Generator Armature,in North America, or has a new one. Can anybody help?
C B Ryley

Hello Barry, Valley Auto & Aero Electric located in Pembroke Ontario are specialist in automotive electrics. You may wish to talk with them regarding your needs. There telephone is 613 732 7203 or 613 732 2671.... John
J .R.C Cavey

Redoing generators is becoming a lost business. They only want to do alternators now. I have a 1944 6 volt tractor generator to have redone and no one around here will touch it. I have to send it out when I'm ready. PJ
Paul sr

Thanks for all the help John and PJ.
Cheers, Barry
C B Ryley

i thought i saw armatures for sale on ebay...perhaps i am thinking of another old car generator armature.

ok, here is one on there now. regards, tom

tom peterson

George Butz

Also try

He owns a TC, PB and a Y. I've known him for years and had him do parts for me.

Butch Taras
R Taras

I had my generator rebuilt by Mike at Star, very easy to deal with and the cost was reasonable. He knows his business.

Just a satisfied customer.

Jim Neel TD28423

Barry, their is an mgtf generator for sale here on Vancouver Island.It was removed years ago when a volvo engine was installed.
You can contact me for a referral at wadds at shaw dot ca
M Wadds

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