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MG TD TF 1500 - Generator rebuilding source

Can anyone out there recommend a source(s) for having a TD generator (a.k.a. Dynamo) rebuilt? I think it may need a new armature and possibly field coils. University motors apparently can only do a cosmetic restore. Brown & Gammons advertises a rebuild but I,m a little uncomfrotable about overseas shipping because of the time involved.
R. J. Lowery

Just popped over from midget & Sprite. Whilst on the subject of Dynamos has anyone experience of a 'dynalite' produced by Racemettle. It is a lightweight dynamo casing with an alternator inside. They cost about 400. I believe T types have the revcounter drive coming off the rear like "frogeyes" . I am running a thread on Midget & Sprite technical if anyone can assist.
A Anstead

RJ - Take the generator to a any good auto electric shop in your area and have them take a look at it. The thing is extremely simple and basic and as long as the field coils are not destroyed, any good shop can put new brushes, front bearing, rear bushing, and armature (if needed)in it and make it good as new. New armatures are available from Holcombe Armature Co. in Georga. Phone number 800-241-3027. Brushes and bushings are available from Moss Motors, Abingdon Spares or Victoria British. If the field coils are shot, I have some out of an early MGB generator that should fit. Note, when I say a good auto electric shop, I am not speaking of Auto Zone, Schucks, Krugers or such discount houses, but a shop that specializes in auto electrics. Finally, once the generator is repaired, be sure to run the fan belt very loose so that the rear bushing is not worn prematurely, causing armature damage - see my article at:
Good luck - Dave
David DuBois

Try O'Connor Classics in CA, Joe Curto (Look for his web site), and/or talk to Bob Seymore at Abingdon Spares. You may also wish to call local auto electric shops- there was one near here that would do the old Lucas stuff. Also check out Holcome Armature (near Atlanta)-not sure if they rebuild, but did recently have armature kits (check the archives). George
George Butz

Pretty funny-David posted while I was typing! George
George Butz

Pretty slick conversion - with a gutted and rewired voltage regulator, no one could tell the difference (except for the negative earth). Here's the link:

I didn't see any literature on one with a tach drive, though. Is this a special modification? - Best of luck - - Alec
Alec Darnall

Google Holcombe Armature in Georgia and give them a call. A rew years ago they had an emergency repair kit that consisted of a new armature and other parts of the dynamo. I think the cost at that time was in the range of $50.

Best regards,
Gene Gillam

I saw a frogeye 'Dynalite' on there stand at this years Historic Motorsport Show @ Stoneleigh. They will supply one but I would like some comments before committing.
A Anstead

Have a look at
Bud Krueger

Here in MI we have a source which almost all vintage car restoration shops use.....Madison Starter and Alternator 248 852 2066

These guys know there stuff.....I walked in with my MGB altenator and before I put it on the counter I was told what it was, what the problem was and how to fix it so it does'nt go bad again. ( put in a different correct diode.)
Colin Stafford

Dave D's advice is well worth the effort. Check in you're local area for a good rebuilding service. Most parts are easily available. I like using a local shop in that you can always take a unit back if needed. My starter tends to need a rebuild about every 3-5 years. Generator went about 12. Local shop now knows me and my car.
Bruce Cunha

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