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MG TD TF 1500 - Getting TD out of Winter Storage...

Last year wasn't a problem...hooked up the battery and fired him up...just in case however… I’ll have a portable jump starter with me...I've read the archives and understand Pos-Pos, Neg-Neg when jump starting from another car's batteries...assuming it is the same for a portable jump starter?
Bob Dougherty

Yes...same, same.
Gene Gillam

Bob, glad yours ran. I got mine out and put in the new rebuilt distrubutor, started up and ran fine. took it on the road today after tapping on the Voltage regulator and while comming back from Natters, the car just started bucking and kicking. Was a little low on gas, put in some more and lo and behold, car would not start again.
Always carry and phone and AAA card. towed home and still cant figure out what went wrong, maybe the fuel pump, no clicking so am going to work on that tomorrow. Have nice day everyone....
Tom Maine

Possibly you have a loose distributor. It may have untimed itself or the tach drive has dopped down to short against the distributer.

This last weekend I started as well the new season. I hooked up the battery give full pull on the choke and fired him up. The engine runs. Pushing back the choke half way and start me first drive around the corners. It was cold 46°F and a lot of humidity in the air. It was really foggy and not easy on the ears.
Anyway, after the engine reached 120°F the choke was pushed full back. I'm wondering that the engine idle a little bit fast around 1100 rpm and there was little less torque in the lower rotation speed. Over 2000rpm everything was fine.
Back at home I checked the ignition timing but was still OK. I saw some gas dripping out of the overflow pipe of the rear carb. That gives me the information that the fuel pump works but the needle doesn’t.
Second trial with idle speed corrected to 800rpm same behavior as before. I pull the choke a very small amount even with a hot engine and now it runs pretty well.
But the question is what has been changed during winter storage?
I believe the mixture was already rich before and now with the choke pulled it is more rich mix.
Any suggestion? Not for the needle, I'll change to Grose-Jet.

Cheers and happy motoring

Sandy, first thing I checked was that dist. rolling against the gen tach. No nut showing on a pertronix hookup. Worked on the car today and no spark whatsoever. I am stumped and being really electically challenged I dont know how to determine what is wrong. Lunch bunch with the guys on Tues. will try and get some help. Right now no spark, no go.
Tom Maine

Sorry to hear about the problem, Tom. Positive or negative ground? Any chance that you still have your points plate handy? As fond as I am of the Pertronix system, points are much easier to troubleshoot.
See for sections on testing the module. Bud
Bud Krueger

Thanks guys. Steve B. from our club stopped by today and I had changed back to the points and still no spark. Just for grins we put in the old coil and lo and behold she pops right over. Cant believe the expensive chromed Pertronix coil crapped out after only a year but that is what it was. Runs like a top now. My car is Ps. ground just like from the factory. I love the pertronix as it just starts first pull everytime.
Tom Maine

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