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MG TD TF 1500 - girling shocks

How much better is the Armstrong than the Girling? Should I have the Girling rebuilt? Replacement Armstrong are very expensive so I would like to know if the difference in shocks is that great.
Rob Welborne

Rob - Send the Girling shocks to Peter Caldwell at World Wide Auto Parts of Madison He will send them back better than new and give you a lifetime warranty in the deal. The price is quite reasonable for the services that he provides. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Rob, I just got my Girling shocks back from World Wide and with the new link bushing's it was a little over $500.00 for the set. They really looked good and seem to be really firm but unfortunately one was leaking right out the box. I called Peter and he said to just send it back and they would fix it which is great and thats for life but considering the cost it looks like they would come up with a way to vacum test the units before shipment.
Richard Taylor TD3983

I had always heard and felt the Girling shocks were "Better" than the Armstrongs. Both function well, just that the Girlings were heaver constructed.

Just curious but, has anyone bought shocks from Apple Hydraulics in NY? They appear to have shocks for just about every car ever made, domestic or foreign. They rebuild shocks also, maybe I've missed something but, I haven't seen any posts recommending them. Why? PJ
P S Jennings

PJ: Everyone has their favorites, and I have never had a moment's problem with Peter at Worldwide, who specializes in shocks. His personalized service is just plain superb, and as my first choice I would sernd him any shock needing work. I have occasionally heard of people who had unresolved problems with the other companies, but never with Peter. With MG's I have learned to rebuild rather than to replace, and so I tend to go to the specialists who do that work rather than suppliers of new parts.

In case anyone cares, I use these specialists: Joe Curto for carbs, Margaret at Mo-Ma for instruments, Peter at World Wide for shocks, Jeff Schlemmer at Advanced Distributors, Mark Frappier for stainless re-sleeving of brake components, Jerry Felper of British Auto Electric for starters and generators, Bob Jeffers at Wilton Auto Electric for solid-state voltage regulators, and Rocker Arm Specialists for rocker gear and tappets. I am grateful to them all for their excellent service and helpful advice and attitude.

t lange

Apple: the two stories I heard from the people placing the orders were not good ... one had to have the innards of a rebuild taken to a machine shop to repair a 'bad' repair.....!
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Rob, I think MG just switched suppliers during TD production, not much real difference. I have heard of the arms fracturing on a front Girling (once), and both brands leak with abandon after some years. In the 70s, my leaky TD Girlings were replaced with new Armstrongs, and at restoration I bought some Girlings on ebay and had World Wide rebuild them. Apple did my original rear Girlings some years ago, and one started to leak after a couple years. They promply repaired it at no charge, apologized, and the same rears are still on the car today. George
George Butz

I sent the rear shocks into Apple a four years ago it took forever to get them back.
the story I got from them was that they had only one employee that rebuilt Girlings and he was out sick for months. When they got back to me after about five months they were fine and continue to be so.

T. L. Manion Thomas

Rob, I received the leaky girling shock back from Worldwide yesterday and looks to be all sealed up. I sent it back on the 15th and it was back at my door by the 22nd so that is pretty dang good customer service and was reimbursed for my shipping.

Richard Taylor TD3983

Thanks, I appreciate the help.
Rob Welborne

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