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MG TD TF 1500 - Good call Dan

I like the look Dan so I think I'll use the headlight rim for the rear fender also. What you think, leave it chrome?


or go BRG as with the rest of the body. You all see on what I'm planning on useing for head lights? Hope there are four in the TD boxes.


Interesting your working on the valve cover on the bench and below is the poor engine that gave it up?????

I've done everything I can to give it away but there's not much demand for an early 1098

LaVerne; Personally,I am not a big chrome fan-but you gotta drive the thing. My wife says 3 BRG cars borders on obsession-but she is a chrome fan.
You thinking of using the side curtain nut for headlights? I've got some not-so-cherry examples if you need em.
Maybe some tailights from the lenses in the red dash indicator used on most models?
Any rule against belly pans? Could be the edge needed during fierce competition.
All in good fun; Dan
Dan Craig

Yeah Dan, I'm going to drill and rivit the side curtain nuts to replicate the head lights. I think I'll wait till after I get the TD home before I do the deed. I was going to use a couple of B wiper bezels for the tail light housing( not a bad replication) and then use the B ignition light for the lens (good fit). It would have worked on the wider plate tag fenders but my new (thanks to you) are not wide enough so I'm going TC lightless style. Think I'll go green with the fenders as that will allow me to JB Weld them along with the riviot before paint.

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