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MG TD TF 1500 - Green Cars

I just came to the relization that our cars are way ahead of the "GREEN" curve. All this talk about renewable resources and so on.
How many modern cars have a good portion of there structure made of wood?
On top of that most well tuned TDs will get 30 or so MPG. Even way back in 1953 they had a crank case vapor extractor and electric wipers and fuel pumps.
The best thing is when you drive it down the road most people will smile as you go by. How many people smile at people in a Honda ?
Maybe it is just me but I can hardly tell one modern car from another , they all look like featureless blobs made of earth killing plastic and synthetic crap.

Not to mention that owning a '50s car saves us buying one two or three cars over the years we keep the T car!Our 'carbon' footprint keeps getting smaller!
gblawson (gordon)- TD#27667

All modern cars look like JELLY-BEANS to me. Unless its an MG or Jaguar I do not recognise it.
Sandy Sanders

You are partially correct, Alan. The real bane of our cars is that they do not have an effective evaporative system to catch vapor from the gas tank and the carburaters, returning the condensed vapor to the engine for burning. Otherwise, I would say a well tuned, well maintained XPAG (or XPEG) has a smaller carbon footprint than the driver, who is exhaling CO2... at an increasing rate as he/she drives the car and enjoyment goes up thereby causing an increase in respiratory response.

Dave Braun

I bought a 2002 Jag-S precisely because most new cars look like they all came out of the same mold. At least the Jag is distinctive looking and not a bad car either. Mine is a 3.0L V-6 and gets up to 28 mpg.
I also own an old beater Volvo wagon which also you can tell it's a Volvo with its distinctive diagonal grille bar. I grew up in an era when you could tell a Ford from a Mercury from quite a distance. The crap they make today with built-in obsolescence makes me want to puke.

"a well tuned, well maintained XPAG (or XPEG) has a smaller carbon footprint"

I don't know about this ;^)

"Carbon Footprint" however may be appropriate for all British Cars- as the puddle they leave is oil, high in carbon content.

D C Congleton


I would suspect when they are running the emissions they put out are pretty bad. But still likely not as bad as a big SUV getting 10mpg.

As I have not picked up my TD yet I'm quite anxious to tear into it and get it going. Really looking forward to all the fun stuff involved in getting something back on the road after a dozen or so years.

My primary focus for over 40 years has been motorcycles, hence my collection of them. I rarely take out a 'cage' as we call cars. If I need to run errands out comes the sidecar rig to haul stuff. Otherwise it's just one of the lot for general running around. Since they all get 50mpg or so I believe I do my part there.
l rutt

Just thing about all the energy you have saved in that on average I buy a new car every 5 years. So how much energy would have been used to produce 11 cars, mine and forge all that steel, fuel used in transporting all the raw materials, then the parts to the factory, etc. in the period of time the MG has been on the road.

I allways get a kick out of the younger people with their cars when they buy a big decal for the windshield that tells you the name of the car.
I wonder is that to tell us or him what the plastoblob is they are driving.
People ask me why I like this old car. I tell them I can open the hood and see the engine and know what I am looking at and if it craps out on the road I can normally get it up and running post hast with some tape and some wire , can you? They normally just get a stupid look on their face.

I always like to take one of the old timers out for a spin whether it is the MG on a sunny day, the Model A Victoria on a cooler, cloudy day, or the 1902 Oldsmobile for a parade. As for carbon footprint, I put an average of 3,000 - 4,000 miles on the modern toys per year, but over 7,000 miles on my bicycle. I ride every day, weather permitting. I rode to work this morning at 26 degrees with a 15 degree wind chill. No rain or snow, so I ride. I have even come home with a backpack full of groceries.
John Masters

Please Donít Judge My 50's Car

Donít judge me for a trophy today
Iím a fifties car
I cut my teeth on old back roads
Of dirt and gravel and potholes and tar
And Iíve got scars that no judge can find
ĎCause I have a heart just like you
I remember the night of our Senior Prom
And the football games I carried us to
And New cars remind me of my own high school days
When rich kids drove their fancy new cars
They parked proudly in front of the school
While I sat quietly in the back school yard

So on Saturday night
When the work is all done
The night air is warm
And our minds are set free
Youíll turn up the oldies
And cruise me way cool
And that will be trophy enough for me.
Sid Orr

Sid Orr

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