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MG TD TF 1500 - Guess What This Is

This is a prototype of a small project that Declan and I have been working on.

The white one is a mockup of the one below that has seen better days.

I suspect all but Rob Grantham might not have a clue what these are or where they go, but you had them on your cars originally.

Christopher Couper

Door buffer
Lew Palmer

Battery bar end buffers and no I don't have them.
L E D LaVerne

I second LaVerne.
George Butz III

I've never even heard of them!

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

LED and George have it nailed.

I will be testing and refining the fit later today.

Rob G had an original set and some made up in rubber over the years but that is getting very expensive to produce in the limited quantities required. Hoping that 3D printing might fill this void.

Then I will try to 3D print a set using a flexible filament in black later this week. It's still to be decided how soft of a filament we need so some experimentation is going to be required.

Once the design is confirmed I will post the CAD file on the MGTD web page so anyone can create these at will.

Declan may look at producing these in bulk but the audience may be limited because it really needs an original dimensional battery.
Christopher Couper

Iíll take 4 sets if they go into production
W A Chasser

These items were Battery Bar Buffers that were fitted to the battery bar retainer bar originally found on TDs and TFs. Other English cars such as Wolseley 4/44salso had them fitted. Originally when they were produced they were made out of rubber.

Nearly all cars have these buffers missing. After [some years owners had their battery replaced,and like a lot of things on our cars, the buffers were then discarded as the battery size got smaller!

If you look at TF9052 and TF6688 in The Original MGT
midget website, you can just depict the buffers in position from a few photos.

Also, I have seen a Factory photo of a TDs engine bay with them evident however can't find that shot at the moment.

This Thread reminds me of the first time I was alerted to TDs and TFs having dome headed alumimium solid rivets(with ali washer under the head) attaching the wet weather cloth to the rear sidescreens! I had never seen or heard of this before with nearly all cars having bifurcated (split) rivets fitted to the rear screens. Research absolutely confirmed that the Factory used the solid aluminium rivets.TCs,also had them fitted originally.

Battery Bar Buffers on TDs and TFs, they had them.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

I would be interested in a pair, or access to the 3D printer file.
Bruce Cunha

Look what I found!
It has them listed as for the Z series but look at the price!!-almost 24.91 £ [incl VAT] ex shipping!
I would not expect anybody to pay such a price. Once the dimensions have been finalized the file will be available. Can somebody measure the dimensions of the tang on the bar as my bar is probably a repro and has not got it?


Declan Burns

Here is the pad from Declan's link (fixed).

Rob mentioned his bars had a hole in them but mine does not. So there may have been a shift over time. So those bumps would only work for certain cars.

The dimensions are a bit different than the one I made. I went out of my way to correct what I thought was distortion in my sample. My existing ones also were on the car for almost 14 years so they distorted a bit from that too.

Declan and I can "tweak" our CAD drawing to make it more "original".

Christopher Couper

I got my flexible filament last night and did a few test cases. The first was not so great. But then I made some adjustments to the printing speed and a few other parameters.

That TPU filament actually produced a reasonable result. The texture is not smooth like rubber would be, except where it attaches to the plate but reasonable. It does have some issues doing overhangs.

My first attempt was not good. Printing way too fast. So I slowed it down to 20, set the quality to high and did the 60% infill like Declan suggested. In both cases I used 228C for the temp. Thinking of trying the max of 250C as well as the lowest, 210C, to see what that might entail.

The print is actually fairly soft and resembles the density and flexibility of something like the shackle pads. Good enough for my purposes.

I might also try some post processing such as Acetone on the material and see if that can smooth it out a bit.

Christopher Couper

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